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One house, different floor types

We recently moved home to a nice small village. The house (rented) has carpets and some laminate flooring. The carpets - although we prefer wooden floors of course, but you can't have it all - are all different. Different in colours and in patterns. And why not?

Sometimes clients in our own showroom are doubting between two or even three different floor types, be it the wood-species or the finish (colour or effect). Some are bold enough to select all their favourites and have two or three different floor types installed. And why not?

20/6 Wenge Wood-engineered and Oak Herringbone


We recently installed two very different floor types in one home: pre-oiled Wenge 20/6 Wood-engineered boards - above in the kitchen/garden room area and - see picture below - Oak Herringbone (10mm thick on industrial grade Oak mosaic subfloor) in the library


And why not? Every room has its own character, its own - unique - interior design style. So why not add the most appropriate wooden floor type to it? There's nothing wrong with mixing styles in your home, it just adds character to your room.

There's plenty of choices in wooden flooring styles, absolutely no need to restrict yourself to only one type of floorboard or pattern. Like our client above, treat yourself - and of course your home - to two, three or even more styles. You know you want to ;-)

Have a browse amongst all the wooden floor types and styles we can offer to you in our Wood Floor Ranges section (and if you request our online full colour brochures you can see almost every floor installed in various interiors, to give you the best indication of how it will look in your own situation).

Go on, be bold!

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Did you know there are three main types of Design Parquet Patterns?

One of the most valuable and grand natural wooden flooring is still an original Design Parquet floor. Installed block by block or tile by tile in your own home.

If it's good enough for Kings and Queens, is it good enough for you!

Design Parquet flooring, one of the most valuable natural wooden flooring you can have in your own home

Design tiles often consists of 10 up to 23! individual wood pieces, ..... Read more 

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Restoration - with a knitting problem

If you thought our restoration team's skills were limited to sanding and applying a new finish to your existing original parquet floor, we've got news for you. They can knit too!

Abrupt end to pattern

Restoration project by Wood You Like, knitting new blocks in

When the layout in one room was changed to increase the space our client asked if we would be able to fill the "new space" with original blocks - lifted from another room in the house - in such a way the pattern would continue to and around the wall. The left picture shows where the original border was - with the last row of cut herringbone blocks. Both border and last row were carefully removed from the floor - you can still see their "print" on the old bitumen layer - and the "reclaimed" blocks were waiting to be "knitted" in.

Only to discover those blocks, although from the same house, were slightly wider and longer than the blocks in this room! A carpenter - already on site with his work bench - was set to work to cut 3 sq meters of blocks to their new size.

Snug area

Pitch Pine reclaimed from same house in herringbone pattern

The original plan had been to continue the herringbone pattern around the wall, where a "snug" had been created. It was then decided, due to limited blocks available, to add a border between the "snug" and the main area, instead of cutting all the "reclaimed" blocks to new size.

Pleasing result

Re-instated herringbone floor by Wood You Like

The end result - before applying the finish layer. One continues herringbone pattern in the main area, with help from very precise cutting by the carpenter and the knitting skills of our team. And behind it, the "snug" with its very own pattern - and if you can tell they are a different size blocks you must have got laser-eyes ;-)

The pitch-pine floor was finished - on time for the planned moving home date - with an colour oil.
(And no, our team won't be taking orders for knitting shawls or sweaters next.)

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Solidfloor (TM) - now available at Wood You Like

The complete Solidfloor (TM) wood-engineered floor range are now added to Wood You Like's range

Forever yours

Solidfloor (TM) wood-engineered ranges for every design style

A floor for every style and situation, from 10mm Vintage to 15/4 Herringbone T&G boards. All pre-oiled and of the highest quality, lasting you years and years to come: Solidfloor ... forever yours

Solidfloor (TM) ranges available from Wood You Like in Charing Kent

The categories -
10/3 and 15/4 Aged (Vintage range)
15/4 Unique floors (covering New Classics, Black & White, Earth & Fire and Silver & Gold ranges)


Solidfloor Notre Dame New Classic Oak engineered board

15/4 New Classic - Basket Weave Notre Dame - distressed, smoked,brushed and oiled natural

Solidlfoor (TM) Nile loadbearing wood-engineered board Oak nature

15/4 Distressed- Oak Rustic and oiled white - Nile

Solidfloor (TM) Alaska Vintage hand-scraped Oak white oiled

15/4 Aged - Vintage Oak Rustic FSC, hand-scraped, smoked and oiled white - Alaska

10/3 Walnut floor from Solidfloor (TM) at Wood You Like - Charing

10/3 Basic - Walnut Nature, oiled natural - Cleveland

Most popular wood-engineered Oak 15/4 floor: rustic, brushed and oiled natural - Seattle

15/4 Basic - Oak Rustic, brushed and oiled natural

Solidfloor (TM) has definitely a floor for every taste, style and circumstances.

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Latest trend in Summer activities: Eco-cation

Home improvements of the green variety are set to be the big thing this summer, according to Homebuilding & Renovating.

Green is this Summer's colour

With the (still) long evenings, an Eco-cation appears to be an increasing Summer activity in the whole of the UK. And with no sign of an tropical heat-wave around the corner, spending your holiday days improving your home (and the climate) can be a pleasurable and rewarding pastime. (Plus it beats hours long queuing for a flight time after time.)

Besides insulating your home, installing energy efficient appliances and lightning fixtures, have you though about adding green credentials to your floor covering?

Restore instead of renew

Wood You Like restoration of original parquet floors

Many homes already have wooden flooring as floor covering, be is pine floorboards, original parquet or even "new" wood-engineered boards. Don't forget that adding wood flooring is no longer a new trend, since the beginning of this century it's right up there among the main choices and increasingly the first option people consider when moving or improving.

What has been renewed however, are the finishing materials. Stricter VOC regulations has seen an increase of eco-friendly - and durable - products you can safely use to repair/restore your existing wooden floor.

From parquet adhesive to glue back loose blocks (or individual fingers of a mosaic floor), to easy to apply and quick drying floor oils. Most after care products are 100% VOC free and will keep your repaired/restored floor in healthy shape for a very long time. Then of course, there is our famous eco-friendly cast-iron buffing block to assist you both with the application of the new finish as well as with the half-yearly maintenance.

(If you are otherwise engaged during the long Summer, Wood You Like's professional team is at hand to repair/restore or maintain your wooden floor.)

Opt for FSC/PEFC when replacing/renewing

FSC and PEFC certified products come from sustainable sources, where not just trees are planted back but whole local communities receive assistance and support to build a sustainable and long lasting income from the forests (as in: a forest that pays, stays). These small, medium and large projects are increasingly found/started all over the world, not just in tropical areas.

SolidFloor Alaska Vintage Oak wood-engineered floorboards, handscrapedIf your heart is set on installing a new wooden floor to replace carpet - or the old floor is beyond restoration - you have an increasing choice in FSC and PEFC certified wooden flooring products.

Keeping in style with the character (time-period) of your home: FSC Vintage wood-engineered boards (SolidFloor - TM)

Hand-scraped or distressed Oak Rustic in natural colours. The floor in this image (Alaska: hand-scraped, smoked & oiled white) complements the original style of the home in such a way it looks as if the floor has been there since the house was built.

(You can find all FSC Vintage products here)

The advantage of installing new FSC wood-engineered floorboards over existing drafty floorboards: it will stop the draft (without blocking the needed ventilation underneath) and reduce your heating bills.

(If you are otherwise engaged during the long Summer, Wood You Like's professional team is at hand to install your new wooden floor.)

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Mosaic - definitely back in fashion

Since the introduction of the small packs of 5-finger mosaic we have been inundated with small (and large) orders for this Solid Wood product.

There's nothing more exciting it seems than to rip out old inherited carpets in the home you just bought and discover you are the proud owner of a real wooden floor.

looking for missing parts of your mosaic floor? And then the search is on when parts are missing, due to whatever building works done previously (central heating installed, or fireplaces changed). Hallway cupboards are know to have mosaic floors too and there often the missing original blocks of fingers can be "reclaimed" from.

If you are out of luck there, measure one block of 5-fingers to get the size you're after to make your search and enquiries easier. The size of most readily available 5-finger mosaic species in our secure webshop is: 12cm by 12cm, 7.5mm thick.


5 finger teak mosaic available in small packs at Wood You Like Ltd In bungalows built (or renovated) in the 1950's upto the 80's tropical species such as Mahogany, Teak and Merbau were most common, preferred - then - even over Oak.

The mosaic comes on mesh-backing (tiles), simple to install tile after tile with parquet adhesive (F.Ball B91 for instance) on dry and level concrete or onto level plywood. Finishing the floor - after a light sanding - with a natural oil will bring out the species character best in our opinion. For tropical species we recommend the "tropical combo": one coat of extra thin oil, followed by one coat of HardWaxOil (in the sheen of your liking). Oak should be treated with two coats of HardWaxOil to give the best result.

New sample boards

Ton of Wood You Like applying an oil finish to teak and mahogany mosaic boards

Here's Ton, in his workshop at home, applying Saicos Wood Wax Clear extra thin to the brand new 5-finger Mosaic sample boards. In front you can see the Mahogany and the Teak board is just receiving the first coat.
If you look closely you can see two other boards hiding underneath: Merbau and Oak - which will be treated to their own finish once the top boards have received the final coat and are dry enough to be turned round. All 4 (2 double-sided) boards will be on grand display in our showroom soon.

Ton and Barry - our professional installation and restoration team - have the world of experience installing all types of parquet floors, from mosaic to design patterns. If you live in Kent, give us a call on 01233 713725 to discuss the option of supply and install in one complete package.

Diagonal (Oak)

You can install 5 finger Oak mosaic diagonal And who said you have to install straight? Add some spectacular (but simple to achieve) difference to your room by going diagonal.

Normally this would create much more saw-waste, but because the mosaic consists of a whole load of little fingers which can be individually used, this is not the case here.

In a way, going diagonal could be your solution when you have extended a room which has an original mosaic in an old size. Make the mosaic floor in the new extension a feature by installing it diagonal, it will look the same "pattern" even though the blocks of fingers have a different - modern - size. And none would be the wiser, the human eye is not really equipped to detect small size differences when it has to compare different "shapes".

Diagonal (Merbau)

Mosaic Merbau available from sustainable sources at Wood You Like Ltd Kent

(Unfortunately we couldn't find representative images of 5-finger mosaic floors, therefore - if you'd noticed - we used images from our Design Parquet manufacturer's 7-finger mosaic examples. 16cm by 16cm, 8mm thick if you are interested, packed per 4.1 sq m and in many wood-species available.)

Different sizes

Not all old (or new) mosaic floors have to contain 5 or 7 very small fingers. Another rather common size and pattern is the 3 fatter finger mosaic: 46 x 138mm per block (and 3 times 46 makes 138, a square of three fingers). Not a standard size, but with help from our Design Parquet Manufacturer we have already been able to supply new blocks of this specific size in Iroko and Oak Prime.

So if you discover an odd size fat finger mosaic floor, don't despair, just give us a call on 01233 713725 (maximum thickness of these blocks is 10mm though).


Create your own large mosaic pattern with standard herringbone blocks, from Wood You Like

And who's to stop you from using regular size blocks to form a large mosaic pattern? If you look at the size of one individual block you can determine how many fingers will make a square - in most cases that is.
Many of the standard size of the so-called herringbone blocks are based on this: 10 x 71 x 284mm (4 x 71) or 10 x 70 x 280mm (4 x 70), 10 x 60 x 300mm (5 x 60) 10 x 71 x 355mm (5 x 71) or 10 x 70 x 350mm (5 x 70) - depending on the manufacturer's specifications of the blocks.

On their side

Hogh kant mosaic or vertical parquet in FSC certified wood-species

Vertical mosaic - also known as hogh-kant mosaic - is a different method of putting the fingers on the mesh backing: on their side. You have plenty of FSC certified wood-species to choose from in this very hardwearing and filled with colours product.
Vertical Mosaic (22 x 8mm) or Commercial Parquet (14 x 22mm)

Mini herringbone

Mini Herringbone, only at Wood You Like Ltd Kent Another way to group little mosaic fingers is in a mini-herringbone pattern. This product comes in single, double and even triple pattern. Again, on mesh backing for simple installation on a dry, level concrete floor (or plywood subfloor). Call us for up to date prices and lead-times.

Plenty of choices in the Retro Mosaic Wooden World!

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Retro furnishing features are "in"

Wallpapers with retro designs have been named as a rising trend for homeowners redecorating their homes.

Paper printed in bold, repeating styles that were popular during the 1950s was stated by Kayleigh Hollobone, customer adviser at Wallpaper.co.uk, to be one of the most popular looks emerging for this year.

Some are even seeking ways of matching their walls with upholstery and fabric coverings.

Wood You Like adding retro features to your retro design parqet floor

"Instead of wallpapering the whole room, they're wallpapering one wall with a really strong pattern and they usually want curtains to match," Ms Hollobone said.

Using recycled furniture could also be a fashion householders wish to try, after it was recently advocated by interior designer and TV presenter Linda Barker.

People making big or small changes to their home decor could find that solid wooden mosaic or herringbone floors have turned trendy again too.

The simple style of mini Oak herringbone, mosaic tiles for easy installation

"Mini" herringbone combine the two retro trends: mosaic style tiles in double (or triple) herringbone pattern.

Cal us today on 01233 - 713725 for prices, lead-times and available styles/patterns and wood-species.

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Down the drain?

Installing a wooden floor is not rocket science - as our Wooden Floor Installation Manual can tell you all about - but the correct preparations can save you a lot of time, money and problems.

One of the main things to prepare before you - or your professional fitter - start installing a wooden floor on a concrete underfloor it is good practice to check the moist content of the concrete.

Moment in time

More often than not this check for moisture gives you either the green or right light to start the actual installation. But never forget, the result only tells you the moist content of the concrete floor at that moment in time! So if you suspect moist problems, or had had problems before, even if the moist check now tells you to "go ahead" with the installation, make sure the cause of your former problem has been solved properly.

And on the other hand, a dry concrete floor now does not always mean it will stay dry for ever. Think of leaks, rising damp etc.

Drain problems

If, in the event there is a moist problem later on and the moist check carried out straight before the installation gave the "all clear" it pays dividend to investigate all possible causes, as we ourselves discovered recently.

A solid Oak mosaic floor was installed a few months ago, concrete floor checked for moisture conditions and readings showed the concrete was below 2% moist content. However, the floor did come up after a while. We suspected a moist problem and investigated. Not just inside the house, but we also had a good look around the house. Often patios are build incorrectly where (rain) water runs towards the house due to the slope of the patio, leaking or damaged gutters can have an effect on the in house situation too. And, as we thought could be the reason here, large plants, trees or shrubs planted or gowning too close to the walls.

When plants are more than beautiful


To cut a long story short, a Drain Doctor confirmed our suspicion the old Wisteria planted very close to the wall outside the effected room had managed to grow its roots right through the drain and was causing a blockage - causing moist to enter the concrete floor from below.

From the Wisteria Website by Francesco Vignoli we have to following information on these very strong roots of this beautiful shrub/plant:

The roots: The wisteria roots spread so strongly and abundantly that if planted near walls or pavements they can easily grow into them causing serious damage . To prevent this from happening it is advised, whilst planting, to insert a corrugated plastic panel which will force the roots to take other directions, as they are unable to pass through it. Place the plastic panel (at least 2m long) 80cm deep, between the plant and the wall or pavement (or the surface to be protected). In the case of walls and pavements made with cement this problem does not exist.

The clients are now waiting for "the Doctor" to repair the drain and then the wait begins for the concrete to dry out completely before the mosaic floor can be reinstalled again.

So, be warned: moist checks only give you a result of that specific moment and be careful when planting large, beautiful shrubs. They can turn around and bite you! (Well, they can bite their way through your drains.)

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Large Double Plait for homely dance room

Design Parquet is (always has been and always will be) Wood You Like's speciality. The number of patterns to chose from, be it a simple herringbone or basket weave to the most elaborate tiles, are tremendous! And then there's the choice of wood-species too!

No wonder one of our clients selected a Design Pattern for their home dance/entertainment area which would bring even more allure to the room by itself: the Large Double Plait

Wood block/strip by wood block/strip


Painstakingly every individual block/strip in this "ongoing" pattern is put in place by hand. The clients opted for Prime Oak grade - hardly any knots but many quarterly sawn pieces showing the characteristic medullary rays only Oak visibly has.

The 10mm wood blocks (71mm wide and in two lengths: small for the "block" and long for the "interlocking" piece) were all one by one glued and pinned down onto plywood (on top of an underfloor heating system, Design Parquet is one of the few Solid wood floors that can be used in combination with UFH).

Columns and bay windows


A challenge for the our two fitters Ton and Barry: why end the pattern with a straight edge when you have the chance to show off your skills in continuing the pattern is such a way in the bay window the two block border fits snugly (and round) to complete the picture?
The black line separating pattern and border is not a marker stain, it's a 10 by 10mm tropical Wenge inlay strip.

Bring in the work horse


After the whole floor, inlay strip and border is installed, our work horse - the Viper continuous beltsander - sands off any slight height differences between the individual wood blocks. After the second sanding round the sand-dust is collected and mixed with special wood-filler and then "plastered" over the whole floor to fill any (tiny) gap.

Finished, ready for the ball to start


The clients opted for a natural HardWaxOil, bringing out the true character of Oak (and other blond wood-species). After this is fully cured (second coat is dry after 8 hours, but before the finish becomes moist and dirt repellent it takes 10 days) the room is ready for its first ball - let the music start and the dancers glide over the beautiful (none-slippery) original parquet floor.

Looking for something different than the "standard" herringbone parquet floor - request the Full Colour Online Wooden Floor Range Brochures where you will find, among all our other real wooden floors we can supply/install, over 30 different Design Parquet Patterns. Just fill in your details below.

Or alternatively, give us a call now on 01233 - 713725 to discuss your options and wishes - or drop by in our showroom in the lovely village of Charing (Kent).

First Name

Last Name*

Range leaflet*

Email Address*


Your details will never be shared with anyone else, we hate spam as much as you do!

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Installing Design Parquet, a short guide (very short)

DIY conversation in our email inbox: (do you have a question yourself - use this form to ask us)

Bought your book, but..

Wood You Like's first manual on installing wooden floorboards Hello, I have just received your book (wooden floor installation manual) and on the face of it, it looks very informative. however I seem to be having trouble finding the information on laying parquet flooring. Do you have information on best order when laying parquet blocks in a herringbone pattern with a two block boarder. The books seems to be how I renovate the floor rather than installation. Thank you

Peter J - Scotland

In short (very short):

Thank you for your question. This (first) manual is focusing on installing floorboards, the next manual will be more on installing design parquet floors. This is in the pipe-line, but finding enough time to dot all the i's and cross all the t's is proving to be a problem at the moment.

For your project, in the most simple order:

  • make sure you have a flat, dry and level underfloor. Depending on the wood blocks (thickness, with or without T&G) you should install a plywood or industrial grade subfloor on a concrete floor first. Do note you cannot glue anything down on chipboard that has a moist repellent surface
  • determine the middle line of the room (take into account no room has straight walls at perfect 90 degree angels) and install your first two rows (one pointing left, one pointing right) and let this row fully bond to the underfloor so it does not move from its pattern when continuing with the next rows.
  • continue the rows as far as possible, even over the "border line" 
  • let the whole pattern bond fully to the underfloor 
  • using a plunge saw to remove excess wood so you are left with a straight edge for the border to be installed next to
  • let the border bond fully with the underfloor 
  • if your blocks are unfinished, use a belt sander and edge sander with grit 40 to remove most -if not all - height differences between the blocks 
  • empty the dust bag and start the second sanding round with grit 80. Collect this clean dust to mix with the wood-filler
  • apply the mix of wood-filler and sand dust to any gaps you can find and let the filler dry
  • using grit 120 on the belt sander and edge sander, remove excess filler from the wood. This third sanding round prepares the surface for the finish you plan to apply. If you want to apply varnish/lacquer you'll have to sand a 4th time with grit 150 
  • apply the finish of your choice according to the instructions of use

Hope this helps
Wood You Like Ltd


Thank you for your prompt reply, yes it does help thank you. There doesn't seem to be many books on the subject.

Peter also kindly enough emailed us pictures of the great result he managed to achieve:

Oak herringbone after sanding


Oak herringbone after finishing coat


We hope to extend on this very, very short guide this year and have our Design Parquet Floor Installation Manual available (paperback and as E-version, just like our first Manual on installing wooden floorboards).

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Say No to Bob the Builders

From an independent inspector of failed floor installations we received the following "rant":

"As independent inspector of failed wooden floors, I receive a variety of complaints, mostly about installer error; only occasionally there is a product issue. I am undertaking a survey to get more exact percentages of individual complaints and, specifically, who installed the "problem" flooring.

The results, although not totally surprising, are very worrying for the wood industry: installation was way ahead at number 1 for types of complaints received - 94%. Consumer causes (6%) were at number 2 on issues not related to installation.

The installation of these "problem" floors were carried out by:

  • Builders - 51%
  • Carpenters/joiners - 35%
  • Carpet retailers - 7%
  • Specialist wood flooring shops - 7%

These results are taken from cases I have handled over the last 10 months, but I bet other consultants/inspectors have a similar experience. I'm continuing to update the results.

What does this tell us? Simple, it shows why specialist wood contractors/installers are struggling to get the work they ought to have. There are many reasons for this, but it is mainly down to price.

"Bob promises he will do it better and cheaper".

And when the floor fails, Bob blames the product.
I can tell you for a fact that most manufacturers, distributors and retailers (and I know a few, having done training for them) agree that wood flooring becomes a nightmare if it is installed by Bob the Builder type outfits. As sure as edges is edges, Bob comes back the following week telling them that their product is faulty!!

This is typical of what I come across far too often."


Through Wood You Like's Trade Program - launched end of last year - you will have access to more and more professional fitters/restorers whose application for the program has been approved by us (and only those wooden flooring businesses with the highest standards will see their application approved, that's our promise to you - no Bob the Builders).

At the moment the following areas are covered:

  • Kent & Kent/Sussex/Surrey border
  • Stockport/Manchester
  • Blackpool/Lancashire
  • Stoke-on-Trent
  • Stroud/Glouchester
  • added end of Jan 2011:
  • South East Wales
  • Bangor - Northern Ireland
  • Hampshire

If you are looking for a trusted fitter/restorer in/near these areas, just let us know and - depending on your needs - we will bring you in contact with each other so you are ensured of quality materials supplied by us and quality installation/restoration by our trusted fellow professionals.

We're also happy to inform you "e francis architects" have joint our trade program and we know more architects, interior designers, project developers will follow in their footsteps to benefit from our program (which of course gives them and their clients access to our growing "team" of professional installers/restorers all over the UK). All the benefits of joining our Trade Program for this group of businesses are spelt out here

Trade Program News will be a regular feature in our newsletter. Not only can you read about new areas covered but also about joined projects successfully executed, plus actions undertaken to stop the "Bob the Builder" outfits ruining your floor (and the wooden flooring trade).
So, stay tuned - or if you are in the trade yourself: join now!

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Too hot to handle

We love to sell a wooden floor, to anyone who enquirs after one of our quality products. It's our business, so no surprise there then.

But sometimes you have to say: no, sorry, in this situation we strongly advice against installing a wooden floor.

Wood You Like's speciality - design parquet flooring

This week a lovely couple came to our showroom to look at our design parquet floors. Oak Rustic herringbone was firmly on their mind, which is of course a lovely choice. With them I discussed how we would install the wood blocks on their concrete underfloor: first a subfloor of Oak Industrial Grade mosaic on to which the individual wood blocks would be glued and pinned down in the required pattern. Sanding, filling and applying a natural HardWaxOil finish would follow the works.

The estimated measurements of the area (large hallway) were translated into a hand-written quote and an appointment for Ton to carry out a survey, to measure more precise and check the underfloor, was made for today (Friday 26.11.10).

After the survey Ton returned to our showroom, where normally all the details are turned into a specified quotation, mailed (or emailed) as soon as possible to the client. Except today it didn't go that way, Ton discovered the concrete floor was "too hot to handle"!

When winter exposes a "weak link"

Too hot to handle, central heating pipes blocking wood floor installation

The concrete was hot enough to bake an egg on it! Presumably, when installing the central heating many years ago, not enough insulation was used between the water pipes and the concrete surface, or the pipes were not laid deep enough. Makes you wonder sometimes where British Building Standards stand for or why some plumbers get away with this type of shoddy workmanship.

Installing a wooden floor which needs to be glued down in this situation would end in tears. The adhesive will sooner or later (sooner no doubt) fail and blocks will start to come loose and/or shrink and buckle. Ton advised them to consider tiles, which are better suited for these "hot" circumstances. The client were both disappointed and glad this issue had come to light.

If the survey had taken place in Summer this "too hot to handle" situation had not come to light. Central heating works completely different than water underfloor heating systems, where the temperature of the water in the pipes is set to a maximum in order not to cause problems to the floor covering and is switched on continuously. Central heating water pipes transport hot water to the radiators when the demand is there, getting really hot and then again cooling down, making any wood floor very, very nervous.

So, when your floor is installed in Summer and starts behaving strangely at some places when the central heating is switched on, check the surface temperature to see if hot water pipes are running beneath it before you call your fitter back to complain. Although all professional fitters try to for see all situations, some tricky situations come only to light when you least expect them. And if you know water pipes could be running close to the concrete surface: tell your installer, no matter what the season is.

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New: Wood You Like's Trade Program

The wooden flooring trade is constantly changing, from products to new installation methods and equipment. Clients are increasingly asking for more, quicker and better products/services.

Where would you go, as sole-trader, two/three-men band or retailer, to confer with fellow traders? Where can you share experiences, discuss new methods and new products (all manufacturers promise their products to do what it "says on the tin", but do they really when you're "on the floor"?) and even find out how to implement new regulations, VAT changes and marketing tips?
Where can the faithful behind the scene person, doing the admin etc while you are working on the floor, share her/his worries, discuss costs and logistics ?

Wood You Like's Trade Program covers all


Our aim with Wood You Like's Trade Program is to establish a dedicated forum - only accessible for "members" - to bring traders in the wooden flooring business together to share experiences, advice each other (on installation methods, new products, and even marketing, bookkeeping etc), ask questions and perhaps even "share" jobs.

Read on for more information and how to join (Trade only)

(Architects, Interior Designers, Developers are welcome to join the Trade Program too, conditions apply, see here for more details)

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Architect, Interior Designer or Developer in need of wooden flooring?

As the acknowledged authority on wooden flooring, many architects, interior designers and property developers, nationally and locally, frequently call 'Wood You Like' for advice on choice and suitability of different wooden flooring and advice on the fitting and maintenance (they see us as The National Helpline for wooden flooring) - and that expertise and professionalism is also always available to you too.

New Classics, example of the quality wooden flooring Wood You Like can provide you withQuality products and quality people

As architect, interior designer or project developer you want to deal with those in the trade who know their business/trade, who have years of experience with all matters wooden flooring. You and we know of too many horror stories when projects go horribly wrong by so-called experts not taking the correct precautions or using unsuitable products, equipment.

Join Wood You Like's Trade Program and have special, unique, access to ... read more

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Flat beading, a neat finish

Frequently we're been asked: I can't/don't want to remove my skirtingboards and I don't like the look of scotias or quadrants. What can I use to cover the needed expansion gap around the floor that does look good?

Our answer is quite simple: Solid Oak flat beading. A simple strip - 6mm thick, 25mm wide, with a rounded edge on the front and tapered edge on the back - that's pinned down on your wood floor to give you a very neat finish. A very unobtrusive finish, like a "picture frame", covering the expansion gap.

Blends in


As you can see, or rather not see, the flat beading is often hardly visible.

Does the job, neatly


Here's another example - also note how the door post is undercut to allow expansion of the floor there too.

Around fireplaces


It also works very well around a fire place - if the tiles etc are higher than the floor. Remember, a wooden floor has to have expansion gaps all around its perimeter, so also in front and beside a fire place.



Because the beading is not very wide or thick, it can be cut (sawn) in the angle you need to fit it neatly whatever the shape of the wall "forces" you to have.

The little details


Picture above shows a build-in cupboard where a little piece of beading right in the corner takes care of those little finishing details.

Also note the Solid Oak radiator pipe cover, it does not just sit on the beading. No, the beading is cut round to allow the round shape of the cover to fit neatly around the pipe.

It's those little details that make your floor look professionally finished.

The beading comes unfinished, so you can stain, varnish, oil it with the same colour/product as you floor (or if needed, colour match it with a tropical wood-species by using an appropriate stain).

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2010 Awards, in good company

Last month Wood You Like received the 2010 Award "Best Flooring Retailers (1 - 2 shops)"

In good company


In this month's issue, Interiors Monthly lists all the 2010 Award winners and we're in good company:
From John Lewis At Home to Domotex

Interiors Monthlty 2010 awards, wood you like, john lewis at home, carpetright, the furniture village, axminster carpets and others

Our congratulations to all the other winners. You can read how and why the above companies were nominated and winners in the August issue of Interiors Monthly.

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Wood You Like, Best Flooring Retailer 2010

The readers of the magazine Interiors Monthly have voted for the 2010 Best Awards:

Best Flooring Retailer ( 1 - 2 stores)


Just returned from our short break we received a very nice surprise in the mail: the above framed certificate of the readers choice in the category Best Flooring Retailer ( 1 - 2 stores).

All winners in all categories will be announced in next month's issue of Interiors Monthly.

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VOC regulations means introducing new fitting and finishing materials

Rules and regulations, we all encounter them, if we like it or not. The VOC regulations to reduce the amount of Volatile Organic Compounds in products is there for a very good reason: reducing negative effects some compounds have on the environment and some times even our own health.

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) refers to organic chemical compounds which have significant vapor pressures and which can affect the environment and human health. VOCs are numerous, varied, and ubiquitous. Although VOCs include both man-made and naturally occurring chemical compounds, it is the anthropogenic VOCs that are regulated, especially for indoors where concentrations can be highest. VOCs are typically not acutely toxic but have chronic effects. Because the concentrations are usually low and the symptoms slow to develop, analysis of VOCs and their effects is a demanding area. (source - wikipidea)

These regulations take their time to be passed on to the public, manufacturers have to be allowed to find suitable alternatives for some compounds in order for the product to still do "what it says on the tin".
That's why - like now - a whole bunch of well-known products are disappearing from the shelves and are replaced with other, more "greener" products.


F.Ball B91 parquet adhesive

Only one month remains for two Lecol products frequently used with design parquet (new installation or restoring): from the end of June 2010 Lecol5500 (parquet adhesive) and Lecol7500 (wood-filler) will no longer be produced or even shipped from the manufacturer. We have a limited stock left at the moment, when that's gone it's gone!

(Update 01.06.10: Please note, as we've been told by Lecol UK, these specific EU VOC regulations are ratified for The Dutch and Belgium market. In/for the UK market both products will still be available. Only not through Wood You Like Ltd once our stock is gone.)

We are replacing this with:
F.Ball B91 and Basicol PU-650SE for parquet adhesive 
Blanchon Resin Filler (1ltr and 5 ltr cans)

Euku Oil1

Also, introducing a brand new product in our range of oils which replaces, for starters, the Euku Oil1 as best finish for tropical wood floors (finished on site that is). Again, due to changes in VOC regulations the "old" Euku Oil1 had to go, but in our opinion the replacement Euku Oil 1 HS did not do the same job as well.


Saicos Coating Systems introduced us to their Color Wax Clear Extra Thin, which is especially suited to treat tropical wood. Only 1 coat needed, to be finished with only 1 coat of Premium HardWaxOil natural. Both products are available in small tins, so could come in very handy for those restoring existing tropical design parquet floors.
You will no doubt hear more about Saicos product range in future newsletters and/or FAQ & News items. All products from Saicos are of course eco friendly EU VOC 2010 compliant

For more information and up to date prices see our online shop or give us a call on 01233 - 713725 to discuss your requirements

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Chaco Wood Commercial and Vertical Parquet

Commercial/Vertical parquet is the new fresh and creative version of solid wood flooring from our Chaco Wood manufacturer. Their Chaco Wood species will give the interior a trendy and artistic look. All these species are FSC certified.

Architects' choice

Since the wood is delivered untreated the most appropriate finishing for your requirements can be applied after installation.

Because of the many wood species and multiple creative options Chaco Wood Commercial and Vertical Parquet is popular amongst architects and interior advisers/stylists. Commercial Parquet is perfect for use a s project


floor in shops, offices, ball rooms, party locations but also as special design floor for your domestic home.

Commercial = 14 x 22 x 250mm (15 strips per tile), approximately 1 sq meter per pack
Vertical = 22 x 8 8 x 160mm (40 strips per tile), appr. 1 sq m per pack

All wood-species available are FSC certified.
Tarara Amarilla Commercial Parquet

Prices etc

For up to date prices give us a call on 01233 - 713725 now to discuss your requirements and accessories (such as suitable adhesive and finishes).

Or request the full colour online Wooden Floor Range Brochure Design Parquet here to view even more large images and interior designs.

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