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One house, different floor types

We recently moved home to a nice small village. The house (rented) has carpets and some laminate flooring. The carpets - although we prefer wooden floors of course, but you can't have it all - are all different. Different in colours and in patterns. And why not?

Sometimes clients in our own showroom are doubting between two or even three different floor types, be it the wood-species or the finish (colour or effect). Some are bold enough to select all their favourites and have two or three different floor types installed. And why not?

20/6 Wenge Wood-engineered and Oak Herringbone


We recently installed two very different floor types in one home: pre-oiled Wenge 20/6 Wood-engineered boards - above in the kitchen/garden room area and - see picture below - Oak Herringbone (10mm thick on industrial grade Oak mosaic subfloor) in the library


And why not? Every room has its own character, its own - unique - interior design style. So why not add the most appropriate wooden floor type to it? There's nothing wrong with mixing styles in your home, it just adds character to your room.

There's plenty of choices in wooden flooring styles, absolutely no need to restrict yourself to only one type of floorboard or pattern. Like our client above, treat yourself - and of course your home - to two, three or even more styles. You know you want to ;-)

Have a browse amongst all the wooden floor types and styles we can offer to you in our Wood Floor Ranges section (and if you request our online full colour brochures you can see almost every floor installed in various interiors, to give you the best indication of how it will look in your own situation).

Go on, be bold!

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