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Introduction Buying Guide for Quality Wooden Flooring

We understand that selecting and installing (by us or by yourself) a natural wooden floor is not something you will do every day - some even call it a 'solid' investment (true too, wooden floors will increase the value of your home) and we like well-informed clients. Hence the sharing of our professional (general) knowledge with you: freely and without any obligations.

In a time when many things in your home have a limited life span, and may need replacing several times over the years to come, a quality wooden floor will last several "life times" and should be considered as a part of the integral structure and character of your home. Warm welcoming and enduring, a real wooden floor not only adds character, it really is a wonderful value added part of any property.

One of the many questions we receive (in the inbox, by phone and in our showroom) is often how to start the "buying" process when you are in the market for a new floor covering. Of course we prefer to say: "right here at Wood You Like", but obviously that's not impartial enough - although we do guarantee any wooden floor product you purchase from us is of the highest quality needed for your circumstances, design wishes and budget.


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