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Did you know there are three main types of Design Parquet Patterns?

Restoration - with a knitting problem

If you thought our restoration team's skills were limited to sanding and applying a new finish to your existing original parquet floor, we've got news for you. They can knit too!

Abrupt end to pattern

Restoration project by Wood You Like, knitting new blocks in

When the layout in one room was changed to increase the space our client asked if we would be able to fill the "new space" with original blocks - lifted from another room in the house - in such a way the pattern would continue to and around the wall. The left picture shows where the original border was - with the last row of cut herringbone blocks. Both border and last row were carefully removed from the floor - you can still see their "print" on the old bitumen layer - and the "reclaimed" blocks were waiting to be "knitted" in.

Only to discover those blocks, although from the same house, were slightly wider and longer than the blocks in this room! A carpenter - already on site with his work bench - was set to work to cut 3 sq meters of blocks to their new size.

Snug area

Pitch Pine reclaimed from same house in herringbone pattern

The original plan had been to continue the herringbone pattern around the wall, where a "snug" had been created. It was then decided, due to limited blocks available, to add a border between the "snug" and the main area, instead of cutting all the "reclaimed" blocks to new size.

Pleasing result

Re-instated herringbone floor by Wood You Like

The end result - before applying the finish layer. One continues herringbone pattern in the main area, with help from very precise cutting by the carpenter and the knitting skills of our team. And behind it, the "snug" with its very own pattern - and if you can tell they are a different size blocks you must have got laser-eyes ;-)

The pitch-pine floor was finished - on time for the planned moving home date - with an colour oil.
(And no, our team won't be taking orders for knitting shawls or sweaters next.)

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