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Keep it in style - conservatories have their value

Homeowners who are looking to vamp up their home should know adding a conservatory can up the value of their property, according to


Stephen Dyer, managing director at, explained that so long as they are appropriately built to reflect the character of the home, conservatories are a welcome additional.

They also create more space in the home, as does relocating excess items from the home into a self storage unit.

"If they are of sufficient quality, carefully planned and properly funded and well constructed they [conservatories] can add significant value," said Mr Dyer.

"They should blend in and be part of the main property, not a room that's too cold in the winter or too hot in the summer."

He stressed that good planning is needed to ensure the ultimate outcome of a conservatory is positive to the home's character.

Integrate by same floor covering


If your living room has a wooden floor, adding this type of floor covering in the conservatory too will give this new room a more integrated feel.

Wood-Engineered boards are highly suitable to be installed here, due to their construction they can tackle changes in temperature and humidity much better than solid floor boards.

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