Frequently asked: new (or 1 - 2 year old) floor, do I need to re-oil?
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New "Ask Us" system

Introducing Wood You Like's brand new Support Service:

How Can We Help?


Pop your question in the new form, we will search our database of Recently Asked Questions first:


before presenting you with a new - larger - form to write your specific question in - just get in touch.

After we receive your question, by email, we will answer it as soon as we can during normal working hours.

The advantages of our new Support System are:

  • you can keep track of the status of your question online.
  • if needed, you can upload images or other files to give us more details of your question
  • you can reply either online or through email - no matter which option you use, your reply will land in our inbox almost immediately.
  • some of the questions we encounter will be added to our new Recently Asked Questions, a growing Knowledge Base on all matters relating to natural wooden flooring for you and others.

Wood You Like, at your service!

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