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High praise for Saicos by DIY Grandma

DIY-ers come in all shapes and forms and ages.

Mrs M. Lewis, a grandmother from Swansea, decided in June it was high time to restore the original parquet floor in her house. Gaining knowledge about the steps to take from the "7 Easy Steps to Restore/Repair your Parquet Floor" she became confident she could do all the works herself..... Read more

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Julian Cassell

Hi there,

I spend a lot of time looking at all manner of DIY tools and materials, and this is one of those days that I've come across a product that I'd never heard of. After I discovered Osmo a few years ago, I was an instant convert, and have never since considered anything other than the Osmo range for floors (and worktops for that matter) - just a spectacular product in my opinion.

So now, I find a reputable firm such as yourselves talking about and clearly using Saicos. Having just done a quick Google etc. I've now found that its used all over the place, so just don't know how I've missed it. Anyway, you clearly use this stuff a lot, and if you don't mind me asking, how does it compare to Osmo? Basically the same stuff? The only drawback I find with Osmo products as you need to be a bit careful on application, so is the Saicos easier for the DIY market?

Anyway, if you had time to comment it'd be great, and I must say I'm glad I've come across your site (via the Diynot forum).

With best wishes,


Karin H.

Hi Julian

Thank you for your comment and question. We used to use Osmo in the past too - before switching first to Blanchon (same usages and price as Osmo, but easier to apply) until we discovered Saicos products. Osmo is too easily applied too thick, if you know how to handle that there is no problem, but most DIY-ers are on their hand and knees with a cloth and are not using a heavy buffing machine to spread the oil out better.

Saicos gives more value for money (higher coverage) and absolutely easy to apply. All of our DIY-clients rave about it, I could fill our blog every week with thank you's and stories on how easy they all find it, plus how the floor (specially with restoration projects on tropical wood-species) really comes into its right.

I'm just about to add another product (all the colours available in the Colour Wax Classic range) to our online shop, as alternative to the Blanchon Coloured HardWaxOil products. The Colour Wax - thin oil really, still think something got lost in translation ;-)) - also highly suitable for furniture.

Kind Regards
Wood You Like Ltd

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