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Stunning unique convex and concave pattern - one year in the making!

15/4 Oak Nature - special offer

Special (one-off) offer on the minimalistic Oak Nature, oiled natural 15/4 Wood-Engineered floorboards.



Suits any interior with soft tones and elegance. The quality floor has hardly any knots, comes with T&G and is pre-finished with natural oil to bring out the Oak's character as honest as possible.

28 packs a 2.075 sq m (58.10 sq m) available for the special price of £ 43.35 ex VAT = 10% discount on normal price of £ 48.13 ex VAT.
(minimum order = 4 packs, or the whole lot for £ 3,000.00 including VAT, excluding possible delivery charges - Kent is FREE delivery).
(Updated 17.05.11)

Main reason for this very special and one-off offer: large order canceled at last moment, we need the space it is taking up now in our storage facility for other orders coming in asap.

Call 01233 - 713725 now to place your order and arrange delivery (or collection).

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