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5-finger mosaic small packs

Oak 5-finger mosaic rediscovered in lounger Frequently used in bungalows - and of course other types of homes - during the 50's upto the early 90's, the 5-finger solid wood mosaic floors are a common sight.

And nowadays very often a common and pleasant discovery by the new owners of the house when ripping out the wall-to-wall carpet or vinyl that had been installed over it - perhaps even many years ago.

Restoring or adding mosaic floors

A design parquet floor, and a mosaic floor is definitely a design parquet floor, is a valuable floor covering to have/to discover you have. Sturdy, beautiful and most often than not, adding value to your home. Plus of course, very easy to keep clean.

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Frank Power (Redhill, Surrey)

I have a 5 finger mosaic parquet floor - 21 sq m - looks like teak - various in the business have looked at it and no-one is 100% sure. Over the last 20 years it has been covered with carpet, which has now come to the end of its life. We would like to renovate the floor and have a company ready to start work when we can source 0.6 sq m of matching tiling for an area which is now part of the room due to a wall move. I looked at your small packs of teak under your restoring and adding to floor section but one big snag is size. What was sold in the 60s and 70s had 3 inch fingers. Your sizes in common with all the new 5 finger mosaic I have seen is 12 cm. This is a significant difference of 7.5 mm per tile making it not much use for renovation work. Am I right?

Karin H.

Hi Frank

If I understand correctly, your 5-finger mosaic measures 7.62cm x 5 = 38.10 by 38.10cm in a tile of 4 by 4 blocks of 5-fingers?

Is there a possibility you lift fingers in an unobtrusive part of the floor to fill in the 0.6 sq m which I guess is in full view and use the different size new fingers as a kind of border around the floor?

Hope this helps?

Kind Regards
Wood You Like Ltd

sandra wardle


we purchased from focus diy parquet floor packs which were laid no problems. had a leak and need to replace but focus has now closed. there 5 fingers and came in small packs rectangular, do you know where i can simplypurchase maybe 2 packs

Karin H.

Hi Sandra

Have a look here

Hope this helps

Kind Regards
Wood You Like Ltd

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