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Special Spring Offer on 115 different wood-engineered floors

115 different wood-engineered floors now with 4% discount

115 Wood-engineered high quality flooring in Wood You Like's special Spring Offer

It's the month of Spring, and to celebrate the warmer and lighter days to come Wood You Like has reduced 110 different wooden floors, in 7 different style ranges, from popular to unique finishes. All those 110, plus the 5 Grigio authentic Italian oil pigments load-bearing aged floors, this month - and this month only! - yours with 4% discount on the normal price.

All 115 floors have their specific characteristics, giving you the widest possible options in high quality Oak wood-engineered pre-oiled floors ever available. (We sneaked in a few American Oak, Walnut, Ash, Maple and Larch too). No matter if you are looking for the most straight forward Oak Rustic natural oiled or the most luxurious finishes like Dazzling Gold or Smashing Silver, we can guarantee you will find your floor amongst the 115 this month. See below how we can be so sure.

Always wanted a New Classic Basketweave, or Hand-scraped smoked and white oiled floor? Now is the time to call us on 01233 713725 and purchase it for the discounted price. We'll discuss the most suitable underlayment and accessories with you there and then too.

A few examples (and the most popular choices so far)
10/3 Quebec - Oak Rustic, oiled natural from £ 29.36 now for £ 28.18 ex VAT per sq m
15/4 Seattle - Oak Rustic, brushed & oiled natural from £ 43.80 now for £ 42.04 ex VAT per sq m
15/4 Baltimore - Oak Rustic, smoked & oiled natural from £ 45.24 now for £ 43.43 ex VAT per sq m
15/4 Nevada - FSC Oak Rustic, hand-scraped & smoked & oiled natural from £ 59.68 now for £ 57.29 ex VAT per sq m
20/6 Rhine - Oak Nature, oiled natural from £ 61.57 now for £59.10 ex VAT per sq m
18/6 Grigio Oak Rustic Old Brown 180mm from £ 96.97 now for £ 93.09 ex VAT per sq m

Delivery in Kent is free (Kent/Sussex and Kent/Surrey borders too) and if you use your debit card or BAC's transfer you will receive a further discount of 2.5% on the amount payable.

Can't see the trees for the woods? Wouldn't know where to start browsing the 115 floors to find The Floor for you? Follow the easy steps in our unique Select Your Floor tour, guaranteed to find the most adorable one for you.

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