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Select Your Floor - unique guide

Selecting a wooden floor for your home, with its specific character and your own specific interior design wishes, can be a daunting task. Specially now there are so many different wooden floor types, wood-species and finishes around.

So, if you "can't see the trees for the wood", Wood You Like's "Select Your Floor" guide will give you a helping - guiding - hand.

How to use this guide


The guide starts with a few simple multiple choice questions where each answer you select brings you "deeper" into guide - helping you to fine-tune your choices.
Simply select the answer you think most suits your wishes and/or circumstances and we'll bring you to the next "level" of options, again with a next multiple choice question drilling further down on your personal preferences until you've found the most perfect floor type and finish for your home - solely based on your own answers.

And when in doubt, you can always go back to the last question you answered and "try another route". You're definitely in the lead here, we're just helping you to navigate towards your goal.

So, put your most comfortable "walking shoes" on - slippers will do, fill your thermos flask with your favourite beverage and "off we go".
Click here to start the voyage into the wonderful world of natural wooden flooring. Let's find your (proverbial) tree in the woods!

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