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Kitchens becoming The Place to socialise

People planning on renovating their kitchens in the coming months could decide to make the space more than just functional.


Anita Kaushal, an author and interior designer, has explained how the this room is becoming increasingly a function for different purposes in years to come.

She explained that many are seeing the space available to them also in the bathroom and putting up book shelves or adding decorations that would not traditionally belong in the room, like a chandelier.

Kitchens are also seeing a makeover, as they are being utilised as a place where people can socialise.

"It used to be the living room, but [now that's moved to] the kitchen island. You can buy these diddy little sofas to put in kitchens now that just say 'you're welcome'," Ms Kaushal added.

Wood-engineered floors are very suitable in kitchens, if you're thinking of revamping the existing floor covering there. Oiled Oak in many widths and colours, starting from 10mm thick boards who still have a 3mm Solid top layer, making this extremely good value for money. The image in this post shows the 10/3 American Oak, Brushed & White-washed & Oiled natural (Buffalo).

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