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Add green (FSC) credentials to your unique flooring project

Combining uniqueness in wooden flooring with being green is now only one simple phone call away.

Unique wooden floors

FSC certified tropical wooden flooring at Wood You Like Are you looking for a truly unique floor, one in its kind? Have you trawled the Internet for ages and still not found that one floor you are looking for?

Look no further: Wood You Like’s Chaco Wood Commercial Parquet and Vertical Mosaic has it all: highest quality, hardwearing and produced from even in their Dutch manufacturer’s own FSC certified forest in Bolivia.

Commercial Parquet/Vertical Mosaic (also known as Hoch-kant parket) resemble mosaic flooring, but with quite a difference. The surface is in fact the tough side of a wood strip, giving every floor also a multi-coloured unique appearance.

And that's not all. These unique floors are one of the most stable, hardwearing, rather simple to install and very, very beautiful floor covering you have ever encountered. Each strip has its own true natural character, grouped together to show each species full colour spectrum and even quirkiness. A floor like this is never boring.

Tropical FSC Commercial 14mm parquet

FSC Curupau Commercial Parquet 14mm thick

Commercial Parquet is made from, carefully selected on highest quality, 22m boards. These boards are cut in 14mm wide strips and then turned on their sides, creating a mat (tile) of 15 strips 14mm thick, 22mm wide and 250mm long in the most spectacular colouring you’ve ever seen.

Ideal hardwearing floor solution for shops, offices, fitness centres, dance and school halls to name but a few, and of course for that very special domestic project you have in mind.

FSC species:

  • Ajunao
  • Curupau
  • Jatoba/Paquio
  • Tajibo
  • Momoqui
  • Morado
  • Sirari
  • Tarara Amarilla

Since more and more green projects involve Underfloor Heating systems, we can reassure you the FSC tropical Commercial parquet is the right choice here too, the small solid strips makes it one of the very few Solid wood floors suitable for UFH.

FSC Tropical Vertical 22mm Mosaic

FSC Tarara Amarilla Vertical Mosiac 22mm thick for you unique floor project Another choice resembles old fashion mosaic even more, where 8mm strips 22mm wide, 160mm long, are turned on their side to create the thickest and most hardwearing spectacular wooden floor covering ever (effectively 22mm thick, 8mm wide strips in easy to install tiles = Vertical Mosaic) Due to its thickness not as suitable for UFH than the Commercial 14mm Parquet.

Available in the same wood-species as the Commercial Parquet, 40 strips per tile.

Both tile types, hold together with strong mesh backing, can be installed straight onto level concrete or plywood floors. A quick light sanding prepares the floor for the finish of your choice. (We can highly recommend Saicos Colour Wax Clear Extra thin, followed by one coat of Saicos Premium HardWaxOil - 4 sheens available - the so-called "Tropical Combo" for this.)

The right choice for any project that needs a hardwearing, eco-friendly trendy floor covering which can be installed and finished quicker than most other floor types.

Give yourself extra piece of mind when it comes to special floor coverings: combine our quality and unique FSC floor products with our professional installation service, parquet flooring always has been and shall be our speciality. We will give you an all-in-one project price, so no surprises afterwards.

Call us now on 01233 - 713725 to discuss lead times and prices (which will surprise you, "Going Green" does not have to be expensive)

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