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Unique Wild Wood Furniture on Wood - so natural

We asked Sharon Phillips, partner at Unique Wild Wood Furniture (Lydd, Romney Marsh Kent) for her input for our 2011 theme

Each piece....


Wood - so natural:

Each piece is totally individual, each piece totally unique.
If it could tell a story it would be one of extreme hardship as trees stand their testament of time in all weathers. And we must not take their splendor for granted, like most things on the planet men is using this natural resource at an alarming rate and I think we all need to step back and think of the enormous diversity of this fantastic natural resource.

Once introduced into the home, whether in natural flooring or furniture it somehow seems to naturally lift your spirits with its simplicity and its natural beauty.

When buying timber please make sure that it is a legal source from fully managed and sustainable sources.

Sharon Phillips - Feb 2011


Picture of a 500 years old Oak tree, it fell as an acorn when Henry VIII was king and stood the test of time through every major conflict and event up until 8 years ago when it fell down during a storm.

Wood You Like likes to work with passionate about wood businesses such as Unique Wild Wood Furniture At Unique Wild Wood Furniture, Sharon and her partner use timber sourced from properly managed outlets so no piece is illegally felled for their goal to make bespoke furniture for you.

90% of their work is handcrafted bespoke design coffee tables, truly unique and are made from solid wood. They are more than happy to accommodate any request to design a coffee table,dining table ,or to help you with a project you have in mind.

At Wood You Like, all natural wooden floors come from sustainable sources, we fully agree with Sharon's argument.

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