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Underfloor heating 'an attractive renovation'


People who are planning to carry out renovation work on their property may be considering trying out underfloor heating.

Installing heating under floors and real wooden floors is currently very popular among homeowners, according to a spokesman from QEP Vitrex.

He explained that one of the most attractive things about having the flooring in the home is that it has a large "comfort factor" as no-one likes having cold feet.

It is also good for people who plan on selling their properties, as "it is seen as a positive factor in the housing market and it is a positive feature in the house," the expert added.

The current lull in the housing market makes the present time ideal for carrying out renovation work, in the view of Joe McLoughlin, director of OurProperty.co.uk.

When installing UFH and wooden floors, you have to be aware of certain issues: solid floorboards are a no no, wood-engineered floors are much stabler and suitable for this. The only solid wood floor you can install safely on UFH is (design) parquet 10mm. Always follow the UFH manufacturers guide-lines. Start-up procedures should be followed before, during and after the installation of your wooden floor, you can request these steps here.

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