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Not moving? Think renovating!

The current lull in the property market makes it the ideal time to consider carrying out home renovations, according to one expert.

Joe McLoughlin, director of, explained that as banks are still reluctant to hand out big mortgage loans, some people may find it preferable to work on their current properties instead.

He stated that this could actually be beneficial to their properties in the long term, as some refurbishment jobs are likely to boost the value of the building.

It’s not the large projects like extensions or expensive kitchens that add the most value – in fact, estate agents in a recent survey said, often these tend to lose money - as much as 50% on their cost!

No, what does increases value has more to do with adding ‘lifestyle’ features that provide the greatest return when it comes to valuing a house.

They say that “for every £1,000 spent on ‘lifestyle’ features you can reckon on adding more than £3,500 to the value of your home”

Why? Because most people envy, and like to buy into, those signals of ‘success’ so effortlessly portrayed by lifestyle ‘visuals’.

Adding quality wooden flooring to your property often increases its value - when done professionally

Features, such as wooden flooring - which is light and hygienic, provides a sense of space and elegance, wonderfully easy to keep clean and dust free, and exceptionally robust and long lasting – can make a huge difference to the value of your home.

A new wood floor is proven to add more value to your home than any other flooring option, including tile or wall-to-wall carpeting. And unlike other options, wooden floors not only maintain their value over the years, but effectively retain and improve their elegance and their beauty. And even in those rare cases they do begin to show any wear, they don't need to be replaced - wood flooring can be repaired without losing its value, or elegance, for a fraction of the cost of replacing other types of flooring.

It's no wonder therefore that 'natural wooden flooring’ appears so often in the advertisements of property developers, furniture retailers, and your estate agent – they are simply magnificent, and enhance any room, whatever the furnishing, and whether it’s a simple home or your beloved ‘palace’.

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Wood - so natural

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