Home refurbishments stand out with rich colour palettes
Conservatories can provide extra space

Hardwood flooring 'popular for interiors'

The use of hardwood flooring is set to be a big trend in interior design during 2011, according to one expert.

Stefan Zachary, founder of Buckinghamshire-based Zachary Design, explained that one of the biggest trends for homes this year is going to be the use of wooden floors.

He stated that because of this, carpet is going to be at a minimum due to the increased demand for high-quality wooden finishes.

In general, he said homeowners are now looking for a good standard of products to use in their properties.

"With the quality of fittings in the house in kitchens and bathrooms, people's aspirations for those parts of the building are now much higher. That extends into bedrooms," Mr Zachary added.

Using a rich palette of colours in the home was recently advised by designer Hannah Barnes, who said copper shades work well with deep blues.

Combine flooring with copper shades: Silver & Gold Range

Wood You Like unique wood-engineered floor range, silve, sopper and gold finishes

Inspired by precious metals, the Silver & Gold wood-engineered range contains 3 Silver, 3 Brass/Copper and 2 Gold oiled finished Oak boards.
The picture shows the "Antique Bronze" finish on the 15/4 (15 mm total thickness with a 4mm Solid Oak top layer) x 189 x 1830mm boards.

You can find more details and images of the other "precious metal" finished floors here - and more.

How's that for luxurious hardwood flooring?

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