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Something different than just Oak

Late last year we were asked to sand down and restore an original Parquet floor, herringbone pattern. Our clients was not really sure what wood-species his floor was, it looked a bit dark: stained wood or a dark species?

Sanding reveals all

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  The minute our "work-horse" started its work, removing the old finish layers, it became clear not one but various wood-species were involved here! Oak, Walnut, some Iroko and Maple and perhaps some other ones (some wood-species are difficult to determine, knowing there are around 3000 different species all in all!)
Restoration of original parquet floors by Wood You Like Ltd

Sanding the wood bare and eliminating all height differences with our workhorse "Viper" re-exposed this truly unique parquet floor for the first time in many, many years.

Last fine sanding to prepare an original parqeut floor for its new oil finish

A final sanding with the "Multidisk" prepared the floor for the new finish: natural oil (from Saicos) this time to let every wood-species involved show off its own character.

restoration of original Parquet floor almost completely  finished (Wood You Like Ltd)

As final treatment the floor received a thorough buffing.

Various wood-species re-appeared in restore original Parquet floor in Kent

Our client was amazed his floor had turned from dark and spotty into this bright, "glowing" and very, very colourful original parquet floor.

If you have an original parquet floor in your home (inherited from the previous owners) the old dark and spotty finish on it might just cover a marvelous treasure too! Call the professionals to do a small test with a professional sander and who knows, you could well have a valuable floor in your own home without realising it at the moment.

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