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Large Double Plait for homely dance room

Design Parquet is (always has been and always will be) Wood You Like's speciality. The number of patterns to chose from, be it a simple herringbone or basket weave to the most elaborate tiles, are tremendous! And then there's the choice of wood-species too!

No wonder one of our clients selected a Design Pattern for their home dance/entertainment area which would bring even more allure to the room by itself: the Large Double Plait

Wood block/strip by wood block/strip


Painstakingly every individual block/strip in this "ongoing" pattern is put in place by hand. The clients opted for Prime Oak grade - hardly any knots but many quarterly sawn pieces showing the characteristic medullary rays only Oak visibly has.

The 10mm wood blocks (71mm wide and in two lengths: small for the "block" and long for the "interlocking" piece) were all one by one glued and pinned down onto plywood (on top of an underfloor heating system, Design Parquet is one of the few Solid wood floors that can be used in combination with UFH).

Columns and bay windows


A challenge for the our two fitters Ton and Barry: why end the pattern with a straight edge when you have the chance to show off your skills in continuing the pattern is such a way in the bay window the two block border fits snugly (and round) to complete the picture?
The black line separating pattern and border is not a marker stain, it's a 10 by 10mm tropical Wenge inlay strip.

Bring in the work horse


After the whole floor, inlay strip and border is installed, our work horse - the Viper continuous beltsander - sands off any slight height differences between the individual wood blocks. After the second sanding round the sand-dust is collected and mixed with special wood-filler and then "plastered" over the whole floor to fill any (tiny) gap.

Finished, ready for the ball to start


The clients opted for a natural HardWaxOil, bringing out the true character of Oak (and other blond wood-species). After this is fully cured (second coat is dry after 8 hours, but before the finish becomes moist and dirt repellent it takes 10 days) the room is ready for its first ball - let the music start and the dancers glide over the beautiful (none-slippery) original parquet floor.

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