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Something different than just Oak

Late last year we were asked to sand down and restore an original Parquet floor, herringbone pattern. Our clients was not really sure what wood-species his floor was, it looked a bit dark: stained wood or a dark species?

Sanding reveals all

6a00d8341c660f53ef0148c8217c11970c-pi  6a00d8341c660f53ef0147e218580c970b-pi
  The minute our "work-horse" started its work, removing the old finish layers, it became clear not one but various wood-species were involved here! Oak, Walnut, some Iroko and Maple and perhaps some other ones (some wood-species are difficult to determine, knowing there are around 3000 different species all in all!)
Restoration of original parquet floors by Wood You Like Ltd

Sanding the wood bare and eliminating all height differences with our workhorse "Viper" re-exposed this truly unique parquet floor for the first time in many, many years.

Last fine sanding to prepare an original parqeut floor for its new oil finish

A final sanding with the "Multidisk" prepared the floor for the new finish: natural oil (from Saicos) this time to let every wood-species involved show off its own character.

restoration of original Parquet floor almost completely  finished (Wood You Like Ltd)

As final treatment the floor received a thorough buffing.

Various wood-species re-appeared in restore original Parquet floor in Kent

Our client was amazed his floor had turned from dark and spotty into this bright, "glowing" and very, very colourful original parquet floor.

If you have an original parquet floor in your home (inherited from the previous owners) the old dark and spotty finish on it might just cover a marvelous treasure too! Call the professionals to do a small test with a professional sander and who knows, you could well have a valuable floor in your own home without realising it at the moment.

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High End Properties in Demand

The sale of high-end properties continues to be strong, especially around the London area, according to one expert.


Nick Pejacsevich, assistant manager at independent estate agent Douglas & Gordon, explained that the company is continuing to register a large number of people who are looking to purchase a property.

He said that many of these people are very specific about the homes they want to buy, which is beginning to create a two-tier market.

"If there is a property that ticks all the boxes and comes on the market, then it will sell very quickly for good money, but other properties that may have some issues are struggling," Mr Pejacsevich added.

A recent study from Investec found that on average it takes between one and two months to sell a home worth £1 million or more.

Homeowners who are considering selling their property could try adding quality wooden flooring (specially design parquet) to the most important rooms - which has proven to increase the chance their home will sell quicker and for more.
If your property already has an original wooden floor - hidden underneath carpets - it's always worth calling in the professionals to have it restored to its former glory!

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Extra: Tropical Summer Fest!

The world is a funny place! Every evening we hear the weatherman/woman warning about a touch of frost on the ground and a possible new cold snap. And in the Southern Hemisphere people are returning from their Summer breaks!

Last Monday (17.01.11) workers returned from their well-earned summer break to our manufacturer's own FSC forest and saw-mill in Bolivia and their production unit in Paraguay. Which means that in a few weeks time many new pallets with quality wooden flooring (Chaco Wood) will cross the Atlantic Ocean and fill the Dutch warehouse.
In order to make sufficient space for the new arrivals all remaining part pallets (small batches, larger batches and for some products just a few boxes) have to be cleared out.

Which means: a Tropical Summer Fest for you!

Up to 22% discount!


Tropical solid and wood-engineered floors hefty reduced in price (but: gone is gone!). From 20mm original Duoplank Chaco Wood to 6mm "tapis" (thin wood blocks/strips used for parquet floors) and everything in between, now with upto 22% discount!

Species available range from Tarara Colorada (see image) to the popular Lapacho/Tajibo. It would go too far to list all products in the Tropical Summer Fest promotion here, so we've created a downloadable PDF for you which includes all the details: species, floor-type, finish, measurements and of course the reduced price. Every single item will show if there is "very limited stock" (less than 30 sq m), "limited stock" (less than 60 sq m) or not.

Our manufacturer is very clear in this: the spectacular promotion is only valid until the existing stock is gone, so you'll have put your skates on (excuse the Winter pun) if you want to benefit from the Tropical Summer Fest. Gone is absolutely gone!

Follow this link to view all the details of this (one-off) Tropical Summer Fest now. Select the floor you like most, give us a call on 01233 - 713725 immediately and we will contact our manufacturer to check the stock situation the very minute!

From FSC forest to FSC floor

PS - among the pallets that need clearing from the warehouse some other (none tropical or none FSC) species were found and are now also on offer. You'll find them at the end of the Tropical Summer Fest detail list.

Kind Regards

Wood You Like Ltd
01233 - 713725
Karin Hermans / Ton Slooven / Barry Bayat
Brenchley Mews, School Road
Charing - Kent TN27 0JW
Wood - what's not to like!

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Large Double Plait for homely dance room

Design Parquet is (always has been and always will be) Wood You Like's speciality. The number of patterns to chose from, be it a simple herringbone or basket weave to the most elaborate tiles, are tremendous! And then there's the choice of wood-species too!

No wonder one of our clients selected a Design Pattern for their home dance/entertainment area which would bring even more allure to the room by itself: the Large Double Plait

Wood block/strip by wood block/strip


Painstakingly every individual block/strip in this "ongoing" pattern is put in place by hand. The clients opted for Prime Oak grade - hardly any knots but many quarterly sawn pieces showing the characteristic medullary rays only Oak visibly has.

The 10mm wood blocks (71mm wide and in two lengths: small for the "block" and long for the "interlocking" piece) were all one by one glued and pinned down onto plywood (on top of an underfloor heating system, Design Parquet is one of the few Solid wood floors that can be used in combination with UFH).

Columns and bay windows


A challenge for the our two fitters Ton and Barry: why end the pattern with a straight edge when you have the chance to show off your skills in continuing the pattern is such a way in the bay window the two block border fits snugly (and round) to complete the picture?
The black line separating pattern and border is not a marker stain, it's a 10 by 10mm tropical Wenge inlay strip.

Bring in the work horse


After the whole floor, inlay strip and border is installed, our work horse - the Viper continuous beltsander - sands off any slight height differences between the individual wood blocks. After the second sanding round the sand-dust is collected and mixed with special wood-filler and then "plastered" over the whole floor to fill any (tiny) gap.

Finished, ready for the ball to start


The clients opted for a natural HardWaxOil, bringing out the true character of Oak (and other blond wood-species). After this is fully cured (second coat is dry after 8 hours, but before the finish becomes moist and dirt repellent it takes 10 days) the room is ready for its first ball - let the music start and the dancers glide over the beautiful (none-slippery) original parquet floor.

Looking for something different than the "standard" herringbone parquet floor - request the Full Colour Online Wooden Floor Range Brochures where you will find, among all our other real wooden floors we can supply/install, over 30 different Design Parquet Patterns. Just fill in your details below.

Or alternatively, give us a call now on 01233 - 713725 to discuss your options and wishes - or drop by in our showroom in the lovely village of Charing (Kent).

First Name

Last Name*

Range leaflet*

Email Address*


Your details will never be shared with anyone else, we hate spam as much as you do!

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Don't despair, we'll bring back its character

When you (re)discover an existing parquet floor in your home, the first thing that comes to mind is normally: o oh, that's never going to look right again!

Old and tired


Parquet floor rediscovered underneath carpet: partly lacquered, loads of stains, residue of carpet underlayment and height differences.

Old lacquer


This part of the floor still had the old lacquer layer on it, but damaged and looking very, very tired

The work horse


In these, and many other cases, we just bring in our work horse: the Viper continuous beltsander. It makes light work of existing lacquer layers, stains and height differences, hardly producing any dust.



After various sanding rounds (each with a higher grit) your floor will start to look bright and right again. It's sanded down to its bare wood again, ready for the finish of your choice - but to bring out the wood's character best we always recommend to finish with oil (HardWaxOil natural or the old-fashion way: thin oil as deep sealer, followed by wax or wax-polish for your wear and tear layer).



What a complete difference a few days make!

Despairing yourself? Don't!

Just give us a call on 01233 - 713725 and we'll bring back its character for you (bringing our head floor restorer Barry and our work horse to the rescue).

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Your opinion please: Wood - what's not to like

First, short, presentation ready


First - short - presentation has been made from some of the entries for the "Wood - what's not to like!" campaign.

A very varied collection of items, see for yourself - below in the SlideShare Presentation

We'd love to have your opinion too - just submit it on our special page. If you enter it before Sunday 16 January you can "win" a little prize (think bubbles).

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Installing Design Parquet, a short guide (very short)

DIY conversation in our email inbox: (do you have a question yourself - use this form to ask us)

Bought your book, but..

Wood You Like's first manual on installing wooden floorboards Hello, I have just received your book (wooden floor installation manual) and on the face of it, it looks very informative. however I seem to be having trouble finding the information on laying parquet flooring. Do you have information on best order when laying parquet blocks in a herringbone pattern with a two block boarder. The books seems to be how I renovate the floor rather than installation. Thank you

Peter J - Scotland

In short (very short):

Thank you for your question. This (first) manual is focusing on installing floorboards, the next manual will be more on installing design parquet floors. This is in the pipe-line, but finding enough time to dot all the i's and cross all the t's is proving to be a problem at the moment.

For your project, in the most simple order:

  • make sure you have a flat, dry and level underfloor. Depending on the wood blocks (thickness, with or without T&G) you should install a plywood or industrial grade subfloor on a concrete floor first. Do note you cannot glue anything down on chipboard that has a moist repellent surface
  • determine the middle line of the room (take into account no room has straight walls at perfect 90 degree angels) and install your first two rows (one pointing left, one pointing right) and let this row fully bond to the underfloor so it does not move from its pattern when continuing with the next rows.
  • continue the rows as far as possible, even over the "border line" 
  • let the whole pattern bond fully to the underfloor 
  • using a plunge saw to remove excess wood so you are left with a straight edge for the border to be installed next to
  • let the border bond fully with the underfloor 
  • if your blocks are unfinished, use a belt sander and edge sander with grit 40 to remove most -if not all - height differences between the blocks 
  • empty the dust bag and start the second sanding round with grit 80. Collect this clean dust to mix with the wood-filler
  • apply the mix of wood-filler and sand dust to any gaps you can find and let the filler dry
  • using grit 120 on the belt sander and edge sander, remove excess filler from the wood. This third sanding round prepares the surface for the finish you plan to apply. If you want to apply varnish/lacquer you'll have to sand a 4th time with grit 150 
  • apply the finish of your choice according to the instructions of use

Hope this helps
Wood You Like Ltd


Thank you for your prompt reply, yes it does help thank you. There doesn't seem to be many books on the subject.

Peter also kindly enough emailed us pictures of the great result he managed to achieve:

Oak herringbone after sanding


Oak herringbone after finishing coat


We hope to extend on this very, very short guide this year and have our Design Parquet Floor Installation Manual available (paperback and as E-version, just like our first Manual on installing wooden floorboards).

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Say No to Bob the Builders

From an independent inspector of failed floor installations we received the following "rant":

"As independent inspector of failed wooden floors, I receive a variety of complaints, mostly about installer error; only occasionally there is a product issue. I am undertaking a survey to get more exact percentages of individual complaints and, specifically, who installed the "problem" flooring.

The results, although not totally surprising, are very worrying for the wood industry: installation was way ahead at number 1 for types of complaints received - 94%. Consumer causes (6%) were at number 2 on issues not related to installation.

The installation of these "problem" floors were carried out by:

  • Builders - 51%
  • Carpenters/joiners - 35%
  • Carpet retailers - 7%
  • Specialist wood flooring shops - 7%

These results are taken from cases I have handled over the last 10 months, but I bet other consultants/inspectors have a similar experience. I'm continuing to update the results.

What does this tell us? Simple, it shows why specialist wood contractors/installers are struggling to get the work they ought to have. There are many reasons for this, but it is mainly down to price.

"Bob promises he will do it better and cheaper".

And when the floor fails, Bob blames the product.
I can tell you for a fact that most manufacturers, distributors and retailers (and I know a few, having done training for them) agree that wood flooring becomes a nightmare if it is installed by Bob the Builder type outfits. As sure as edges is edges, Bob comes back the following week telling them that their product is faulty!!

This is typical of what I come across far too often."


Through Wood You Like's Trade Program - launched end of last year - you will have access to more and more professional fitters/restorers whose application for the program has been approved by us (and only those wooden flooring businesses with the highest standards will see their application approved, that's our promise to you - no Bob the Builders).

At the moment the following areas are covered:

  • Kent & Kent/Sussex/Surrey border
  • Stockport/Manchester
  • Blackpool/Lancashire
  • Stoke-on-Trent
  • Stroud/Glouchester
  • added end of Jan 2011:
  • South East Wales
  • Bangor - Northern Ireland
  • Hampshire

If you are looking for a trusted fitter/restorer in/near these areas, just let us know and - depending on your needs - we will bring you in contact with each other so you are ensured of quality materials supplied by us and quality installation/restoration by our trusted fellow professionals.

We're also happy to inform you "e francis architects" have joint our trade program and we know more architects, interior designers, project developers will follow in their footsteps to benefit from our program (which of course gives them and their clients access to our growing "team" of professional installers/restorers all over the UK). All the benefits of joining our Trade Program for this group of businesses are spelt out here

Trade Program News will be a regular feature in our newsletter. Not only can you read about new areas covered but also about joined projects successfully executed, plus actions undertaken to stop the "Bob the Builder" outfits ruining your floor (and the wooden flooring trade).
So, stay tuned - or if you are in the trade yourself: join now!

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