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Extra: Tropical Summer Fest!

The world is a funny place! Every evening we hear the weatherman/woman warning about a touch of frost on the ground and a possible new cold snap. And in the Southern Hemisphere people are returning from their Summer breaks!

Last Monday (17.01.11) workers returned from their well-earned summer break to our manufacturer's own FSC forest and saw-mill in Bolivia and their production unit in Paraguay. Which means that in a few weeks time many new pallets with quality wooden flooring (Chaco Wood) will cross the Atlantic Ocean and fill the Dutch warehouse.
In order to make sufficient space for the new arrivals all remaining part pallets (small batches, larger batches and for some products just a few boxes) have to be cleared out.

Which means: a Tropical Summer Fest for you!

Up to 22% discount!


Tropical solid and wood-engineered floors hefty reduced in price (but: gone is gone!). From 20mm original Duoplank Chaco Wood to 6mm "tapis" (thin wood blocks/strips used for parquet floors) and everything in between, now with upto 22% discount!

Species available range from Tarara Colorada (see image) to the popular Lapacho/Tajibo. It would go too far to list all products in the Tropical Summer Fest promotion here, so we've created a downloadable PDF for you which includes all the details: species, floor-type, finish, measurements and of course the reduced price. Every single item will show if there is "very limited stock" (less than 30 sq m), "limited stock" (less than 60 sq m) or not.

Our manufacturer is very clear in this: the spectacular promotion is only valid until the existing stock is gone, so you'll have put your skates on (excuse the Winter pun) if you want to benefit from the Tropical Summer Fest. Gone is absolutely gone!

Follow this link to view all the details of this (one-off) Tropical Summer Fest now. Select the floor you like most, give us a call on 01233 - 713725 immediately and we will contact our manufacturer to check the stock situation the very minute!

From FSC forest to FSC floor

PS - among the pallets that need clearing from the warehouse some other (none tropical or none FSC) species were found and are now also on offer. You'll find them at the end of the Tropical Summer Fest detail list.

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