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Don't despair, we'll bring back its character

When you (re)discover an existing parquet floor in your home, the first thing that comes to mind is normally: o oh, that's never going to look right again!

Old and tired


Parquet floor rediscovered underneath carpet: partly lacquered, loads of stains, residue of carpet underlayment and height differences.

Old lacquer


This part of the floor still had the old lacquer layer on it, but damaged and looking very, very tired

The work horse


In these, and many other cases, we just bring in our work horse: the Viper continuous beltsander. It makes light work of existing lacquer layers, stains and height differences, hardly producing any dust.



After various sanding rounds (each with a higher grit) your floor will start to look bright and right again. It's sanded down to its bare wood again, ready for the finish of your choice - but to bring out the wood's character best we always recommend to finish with oil (HardWaxOil natural or the old-fashion way: thin oil as deep sealer, followed by wax or wax-polish for your wear and tear layer).



What a complete difference a few days make!

Despairing yourself? Don't!

Just give us a call on 01233 - 713725 and we'll bring back its character for you (bringing our head floor restorer Barry and our work horse to the rescue).

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