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New: Wood You Like's Trade Program

The wooden flooring trade is constantly changing, from products to new installation methods and equipment. Clients are increasingly asking for more, quicker and better products/services.

Where would you go, as sole-trader, two/three-men band or retailer, to confer with fellow traders? Where can you share experiences, discuss new methods and new products (all manufacturers promise their products to do what it "says on the tin", but do they really when you're "on the floor"?) and even find out how to implement new regulations, VAT changes and marketing tips?
Where can the faithful behind the scene person, doing the admin etc while you are working on the floor, share her/his worries, discuss costs and logistics ?

Wood You Like's Trade Program covers all


Our aim with Wood You Like's Trade Program is to establish a dedicated forum - only accessible for "members" - to bring traders in the wooden flooring business together to share experiences, advice each other (on installation methods, new products, and even marketing, bookkeeping etc), ask questions and perhaps even "share" jobs.

Read on for more information and how to join (Trade only)

(Architects, Interior Designers, Developers are welcome to join the Trade Program too, conditions apply, see here for more details)

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