The saga of the 5-finger mosaic floor painstakingly re-installed
How to treat that little bit of concrete?

New this month: webshop, coupon-code and online brochure update

The wonderful world of natural wooden flooring in constantly moving in more and better directions. And Wood You Like moves with it.

Brand new - even more user friendly - webshop


In the brand new webshop (or here in our main website) - secure as always - you can drag and drop your needed/required product straight into the shopping bag, easily combine products and select the colour or size option immediately:


Plus you can create your own account (in two simple steps) and only have to fill in your address details once.

Another advantage of this brand new webshop: you stay in familiar surroundings. If you visit our main website the webshop looks and feels like the main site, when you are visiting our blog, the webshop looks and feels more like the blog

Newsletter Readers Only Offer

The new webshop also makes validating your Newsletter Readers Only Ongoing Offer easier:


Just submit the coupon-code you received when you subscribe to our monthly email newsletter in the open shopping bag - and remember: it's an ongoing offer, so use it every time you place an order.

Full Colour Online Wooden Floor Range Brochures updated


Even more interior design images are added to all the range brochures, showing you even better how the floor of your choice can/will look in your own home, with your own interior design style.

Requesting access to the brochures is simple: select any of the preferred ranges below, click submit and an email with the access details to the brochures will whiz its way to your inbox almost immediately! Not sure which Range to select? See here for a quick overview.

First Name

Last Name*

Range leaflet*

Email Address*


Rest assured, your details will never be passed on to others, we hate spam as much as you do.

Thank you for your time, do visit our Secure Webshop - all links in articles and pages are coloured green

Celebrate our 15th Anniversary with us - see our Special Blogpost page for your discount!


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