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Ash Wood-Engineered floor - DIY-er Martcho

Introducing Wood You Like's Floor Restore Service

Besides supplying and installing new wooden floors, with design parquet as a specialty, we can also offer you a professional design parquet floor restore service - in the Kent area (crossing the border to East Sussex and Surrey will always be considered).

Barry, our Head Floor Restore Service, will bring back your original parquet floor to its authentic lustre and grandeur. Herringbone, mosaic, basket-weave or any other pattern can be revived to sparkle again. With the professional heavy sanding equipment we use the old finish layer, most of the dents and scratches will be removed to lay bare the original wood, while keeping its authenticity as original floor.

Barry who loves wood flooring, especially bringing back original parquet floors to their authentic grandeur

Together with you Barry will discuss the best new finish layer to apply, tropical wood-species need a different product than original Oak floors, for the best result.

Oak mosaic floor lovely restored - finished with natural HardWaxOil

Determining what wood-species your original floor has can be difficult - depending on how many different types of finishes and even various stains your floor has had over the times - but Teak, Rhodesian Teak, Merbau and Oak were mostly used for herringbone, basket weave and mosaic floors in the 50's to 80's.
Through our contacts with the Dutch bespoke parquet manufacturer we can often supply you with missing "blocks" in the original wood-species.

Call us on 01233 - 713725 now to discuss your requirements and options.

Brand new Oak Rustic "old-fashion" herringbone, complimenting the design style of your home

And if you are considering to add the same pattern of your original and rediscovered parquet floor in other rooms where better to go than to Wood You Like, where both the restoring of the original and installing of the new parquet floor are the specialty of the house. Often both types of jobs can be done in one go, saving you time, hassle and costs.

Visit our showroom to discuss your plans and projects and we will be able to give you an indication of total costs straight away, where after you can decide to have a site survey done (Kent area only, sorry)

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