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Ash Wood-Engineered floor - DIY-er Martcho

As authors of the Wooden Floor Installation Manual we are always eager to hear how DIY-ers get on with installing their wooden floor with a little help from our manual.

Extra advice

Through our online "Ask Advice" form we received a question about using a specific underlayment from a Dutch manufacturer. The DIY-er in question, Martcho based in South-East England, was strapped for time and could therefore not level out his whole floor using self-leveling compound, just small parts. To get the floor more level in the quickest of times, he needed the special underlayment to try to diminish the problem.
The only product seemingly available in the UK from this manufacturer was in our opinion more suited for laminate flooring than for the wood-engineered floor Martcho was planning to install.

In the end he did manage to source the more suitable type of underlayment from the same Dutch manufacturer and emailed us the following, including pictures of the end result:

Hi Karin
It is almost complete, the screed was dry, but not as level as wanted or hoped. The flooring is laid, cut the doors next week, put the skiring and the rest of the door mouldings and voila - job done. I managed to get the Paladin underlay as you advised.
The floor seems to sag a bit here and there but I hope not too much. I guess it will settle a bit and with the weight of the furniture. And it looks fantastic. The missus is very happy.

Best Regards,


"Wild Ash"


Ash, an European wood-species can have a very "wild" colour difference between the boards, from "mother of pearl" spots to dark brown splashes


It does create a very lively floor though.

Send in your own pictures and stories

If you purchased the "Wooden Floor Installation Manual" too (paperback and/or E-version) and have finished your floor, you're also more than welcome to submit your pictures.

We are creating a growing "show-case" of DIY results with a little help from our manual. As stated in our manual: installing a wooden floor is not rocket science, and these show-cases are the proof in the pudding.

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