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Oak Nature and Rustic 7-finger mosaic - reduced in price

News received from our Dutch design parquet manufacturer:

PEFC Oak mosaic reduced in price


Design Parquet comes in many forms and styles, why not add simplicity to your home - adding wooden features increases both the value as the comfort of your home.

The 7-finger mosaic (8 x 160 x 160mm per block of 7 fingers) in both the Nature and Rustic Oak grade has just been reduced in price, so adding value costs even less. Plus you know the wood comes from guaranteed sustainable sources - PEFC

This mosaic comes in tiles which have a mess-backing (holding the blocks of fingers together for you), are unfinished (so you can add your own preferred finish and/or colour) and can be glued down on any flat and smooth surface (such as concrete/screed, plywood or osb subfloors - never try to glue down on modern chipboard, the moist repellent surface makes it also glue-repellent).

Call us now to discuss your requirements and options: 01233 - 713725 (do note that the product comes direct from our Dutch manufacturer, you have to expect longer lead times).

Adding value to your home with stylish and simple Design Parquet has never been so easy!

More news and novelties in the Design Parquet are coming, so stay tuned!

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First-aid for floor covering problems, from carpet, rugs to wood

Moving home is stressful enough without additional floor covering problems to solve!


The last thing you want when finally getting the key of your new home is long lasting floor problems. You already have so many other things on your mind and on your ever growing "to-do-list":

* packing,
* scheduling the home-movers,
* contacting all utility suppliers,
* informing every organisation of your new address etc etc etc.

And it feels as if everything needs to be done right now, this minute!

Discovering stains on the carpet, a dull looking wooden floor or even getting a suspicion there might be carpet moths on the lose is then something you can definitely do without. Some problems do need solving immediately before your own furniture moves in, others can wait a bit longer. Perhaps you even discovered an original parquet/mosaic wooden floor underneath the carpets, and are wondering how to bring back its old luster?

Below you can find some first-aid tips on how to tackle the most common problems, plus if you like you can request our comprehensive report with further tips, recommended preventive measurements and even long term solutions.
Read on.......

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Floor restore service

No matter if you are looking for quality flooring to install yourself - with help from our Wooden Floor Installation Manual - or have it done professional, we can cater for your needs.

Wood You Like's installation service covers the whole of Kent and crosses over to Sussex and Surrey if so required.
And the quality wooden floors from our ranges can be delivered anywhere in the UK (mainland).

But there is more:

Treasure Hunt

Wooden floors have been around for a long time, from pine floorboards to herringbone and mosaic floors frequently used in homes build around the 5-'s to the 70's. Most often these parquet floors are still really valuable. (Old Pine floorboards are a different story we're afraid.)

When you move to a new home you might not even know there is a treasure hiding beneath the floor-covering you inherited from the previous owner. After the dust of your move has settled why not go on a "treasure hunt" especially when you already decided to change the existing floor covering (the carpet could not be to your liking, or the vinyl is more torn that expected). Lift a small corner of the carpet/vynil and see if there is an original parquet floor hiding, if not then that's a pity and you could decide to have a brand new wooden floor installed instead.

But very often the previous owner(s) had carpets installed over neglected mosaic or herrignbone/basket weave floors when wall-to-wall carpets came into "fashion" and the then laboursome maintenance of wooden floors became a thing of the past. But since maintenance with all the new modern finishes available - even for existing floors - is no longer laboursome it would be a shame to keep your rediscovered treasure hidden and/or uncherished.

Keeping in style - keeping the value

Parquet floors, be it herringbone or mosaic - are charateristic to older properties. Keeping the style of your interior, including the floor covering, consitent with the period the house was built in will be in yours and the home's best interest. By keeping the style of the house, the house will keep its value - or at least more than when the interior is turned (too) modern and period features are abandoned or (gasp) ripped out and sent packing in a skip.


Decision time: restore or cover up, diy or professional?

Restoring an original parquet floor is always worth a try. You can find plenty of help online, for instance with Wood You Like's own "7 Easy Steps to Repair/Restore your Original Parquet Floor". Sometimes all your rediscover treasure needs is a good cleaning, for which you can turn to our other guide: "3 Easy Steps to Clean and Maintain your Original Parquet Floor".

Modern eco-friendly products and modern tools can help you with the "elbow grease", and you should always consider it a "labout of love". Once you brought back your floor's original grandeur you'll be proud of yourself, and the envy of the neighbourhood!
For a rough estimate of costs for a DIY job: between £ 5.00 - £ 15.00 ex VAT for materials, plus hire costs for professional sanding equipment: between £ 50.00 - £ 95.00 per day (take care you hire the correct sander, drum sanders are not really recommended for parquet floors; always look for a contiues belt sander of at least 65 kg or a Triosander).

6a00d8341c660f53ef01348417dfab970c-pi  6a00d8341c660f53ef0133f0edad47970b-pi  Media_1276267161697

Professionals floor restorers have plenty of experience with the heavy equipment, know when and where which tool needs to be used and which finish would suit the wood-species and your circumstances best.

Again a rough estimation of costs: depending on the finish materials required a professional restore service will be between £ 35.00 - £ 55.00 ex VAT per sq m including the sanding equipment and finish materials and will be done quicker, plus of course guaranteed (certain conditions and distance can effect the exact price).

Wood You Like's Floor Restore Service

Besides supplying and installing new wooden floors, with design parquet as a speciality, we can also offer you a professional design parquet floor restore service - in the Kent area (crossing the border to East Sussex and Surrey will always be considered).


Determening what wood-species your original floor has can be difficult - depending on how many different types of finishes and even various stains your floor has had over the times - but Teak, Rhodesian Teak, Merbau and Oak were mostly used for herringbone, basket weave and mosaic floors in the 50's to 70's. Through our contacts with the Dutch bespoke parquet manufacturer we can often supply you with missing "blocks" in the original wood-species.
Call us on 01233 - 713725 now to discuss your requirements and options.


And if you are considering to add the same pattern of your original and rediscovered parquet floor in other rooms where better to go than to Wood You Like, where both the restoring of the original and installing of the new parquet floor are the speciality of the house. Often both types of jobs can be done in one go, saving you time, hassle and costs.
Visit our showroom to discuss your plans and projects and we will be able to give you an indication of total costs straight away, where after you can decide to have a site survey done.

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Creative with herringbone blocks

Standard wood blocks are 9 times out of 10 used to create a herringbone pattern in a room. Why? Because that's what we know from the olden time and it is therefore one of the best known design parquet patterns.

Solid wood blocks in herringbone pattern, one of Wood You Like's specialities

As you can see in the above image, this pattern really suits a square or rectangular room, making it even more spacier and lively with all the individual small blocks (10 x 71 x 284mm).

Not a rule set in stone: be creative

There's almost no limit to the designs you can create with Wood You Like's standard wood blocks

The beauty of having individual blocks is that you can easily create a design that suits an awkward space better than a herringbone would. One of our DIY design parquet clients tackled his hallway in a creative way shown here. The specific measurements of the standard blocks enabled him to design a large mosaic (284/71 = 4) creating a playful and impressive result most suited to the shape of the hallway.

Standard wood blocks from our Design Parquet manufacturer always come in specific measurements which allow you to be as creative as need be. Besides the 71 x 284 there are the
71 x 355 (5 x 71)
90 x 360 (4 x 90) and
90 x 450 (5 x 90)

Running comments from our proud client during and after the installation, sanding and finishing of his "bespoke" design floor:

"I glued the final pieces in place this morning and I’m very pleased with the results. It took longer than I expected because of the cutting around the 5 doorways and the stairs but I have an excellent mitre saw which proved invaluable. I have the sanding machines arriving on Saturday and will be finished sometime over the weekend.

Had a busy Bank Holiday and I didn’t manage to waxoil the floor until Tuesday and I’m very pleased with the colour.
I found the Trio sander very nice to work with.
I just have to finish fixing skirtings, carpets and thresholds.

Thanks for your help and advice."

Richard O - London

At your service.
If you have your own project in mind and are wondering how to tackle a not so square and rectangular room, why not design your own "bespoke" wood blocks pattern? Let your creativity flow.

Call us on 01233 - 713725 to discuss your options, prices and lead times.

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