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First-aid for floor covering problems, from carpet, rugs to wood

Moving home is stressful enough without additional floor covering problems to solve!


The last thing you want when finally getting the key of your new home is long lasting floor problems. You already have so many other things on your mind and on your ever growing "to-do-list":

* packing,
* scheduling the home-movers,
* contacting all utility suppliers,
* informing every organisation of your new address etc etc etc.

And it feels as if everything needs to be done right now, this minute!

Discovering stains on the carpet, a dull looking wooden floor or even getting a suspicion there might be carpet moths on the lose is then something you can definitely do without. Some problems do need solving immediately before your own furniture moves in, others can wait a bit longer. Perhaps you even discovered an original parquet/mosaic wooden floor underneath the carpets, and are wondering how to bring back its old luster?

Below you can find some first-aid tips on how to tackle the most common problems, plus if you like you can request our comprehensive report with further tips, recommended preventive measurements and even long term solutions.
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