Solving 3 problems in one go: simple floors
Why old methods still work

Easiest Maintenance Program (ever)!

Ever been in the following situation?
"There’s a knock at the door.

You walk towards it, turn the handle, and open it. Your friends have arrived. Is this the moment you’ve been dreading all day? You'd planned to apply a polish to your wooden floor, but you found the bottle empty! Now the floor looks a bit dull.

Or are you going to be glowing with pride as they enter, "wowing" at your beautiful wooden floors, bounteously rich in colour, wonderfully warm, and abundantly full of character?"

Why don't you join Wood You Like's Easy Maintenance Program - so that you can be assured of getting the best out of your wooden floors too.

You don't have to remember to order products in time, we do this for you the minute you join this program! The maintenance product(s) of your choice, delivered by courier at reduced delivery charges, once every year without you having to lift a finger to order again.
And we even throw in a free polish application, followed every year with a free replacement woollen sleeve for the applicator. 
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