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Chaco Wood Commercial and Vertical Parquet

Commercial/Vertical parquet is the new fresh and creative version of solid wood flooring from our Chaco Wood manufacturer. Their Chaco Wood species will give the interior a trendy and artistic look. All these species are FSC certified.

Architects' choice

Since the wood is delivered untreated the most appropriate finishing for your requirements can be applied after installation.

Because of the many wood species and multiple creative options Chaco Wood Commercial and Vertical Parquet is popular amongst architects and interior advisers/stylists. Commercial Parquet is perfect for use a s project


floor in shops, offices, ball rooms, party locations but also as special design floor for your domestic home.

Commercial = 14 x 22 x 250mm (15 strips per tile), approximately 1 sq meter per pack
Vertical = 22 x 8 8 x 160mm (40 strips per tile), appr. 1 sq m per pack

All wood-species available are FSC certified.
Tarara Amarilla Commercial Parquet

Prices etc

For up to date prices give us a call on 01233 - 713725 now to discuss your requirements and accessories (such as suitable adhesive and finishes).

Or request the full colour online Wooden Floor Range Brochure Design Parquet here to view even more large images and interior designs.

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