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Questions in the comment box of this blog are a great source of articles - it reflects the problems/thoughts and even dilemmas people can have. Like the question we received recently:

I want the floor to have a sheen/shine

We have had a wood floor laid fairly recently and it has been waxed, which is high maintenance if you want to keep it looking good. I want the floor to have a sheen/shine, would you use lacquer and if so can you over wax.

Old fashion solution

Wood You Like's old fashion buffing block to bring sheen to your oiled/waxed floor

Your solution might lay in our "old-fashion" 7kg cast iron buffing-block, making light work of the maintenance and making your floor looking really good with a shine. You don't need to apply wax or polish that often when you use a buffing block (and applying wax/polish too often can have the reverse effect on your floor, too much and a greasy, sticky layer will keep dust and dirt trapped).

If that's not what you have in mind than sanding the whole floor to remove all the wax - using a wax-remover first - and then apply a lacquer could be done, but in our opinion will not look as good or as long good as an oiled/waxed floor does.
(You cannot lacquer or varnish straight over an waxed/oiled floor!)

Hope this helps
Wood You Like Ltd

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Pauline Roe

we have inherited two lovely parquet floors in Austria!! The one in the kitchen is sound---no loose blocks---but is badly scuffed in places. Would you recommend your oil finish using a buffer block ( we seem to have inherioted one of thos etoo) I thought it was a long handled scrubbing brush?

Karin H.

Hi Pauline

Thank you for your question. If your lovely floor has an oil or wax finish and all it needs is to remove the scuff-marks then you might even try to buff it first without adding any additional polish.
If this does not remove all or does not bring back the shine or lustre to your floor you can apply a liquid polish, like our StepStop to "revitalise" the floor.

Hope this helps

Wood You Like Ltd
Karin Hermans

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