New range in Design Parquet: Old Manor
New narrow boards on existing floorboards: nail or float?

Even more design images of design patterns

Design Parquet is still one of the most admired (and valuable) wooden floors around. The choices are bountiful, over 30 "standard" designs available from our Design Parquet Manufacturer and then some.

Design Parquet pattern 4 Avegoor in Curupixa
(Design Parquet pattern 4 - Avegoor - in Curupixa (Ruby - robijn wood)

In the online wooden floor range leaflet you can now view them all on your leisure. Also added - since this afternoon - images and details of all wood-species you can have your design floor created (crafted) in.

From Padoek to Oak Exquisite, from Panga Panga to American Red Oak and plenty more European and (FSC/PEFC) Tropical species.

Oak Prime Padoek

(Oak Prime and Padoek)

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