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Once more: battens - too low and your floor will rattle!

14 days left to pre-order Installation Manual

Planning to select a wooden floor? Planning to install a wooden floor in the near future?

Not sure where to start? Look no further than Wood You Like's new publication:

"Wooden Floor Installation Manual" - paperback

Official launch of the comprehensive manual which contains everything you need to know about DIY wooden floors is second half of March 2010.

This is your chance to pre-order the paperback for reduced price and without any p&p to pay! Pre-order price only £15.97

(Official price for the manual: £17.97 plus £3.97 p&p)

See here for all details on the book and here to pre-order now.

Please note: This offer ends Sunday morning 14 March! (OFFER HAS NOW EXPIRED)

Wood You Like's Wooden Floor Installation Manuul - everything you need to know about DIY wooden floor installation

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