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New in Collection: Triplank Thermoheated = black!

The Basic Range most popular floor type has just welcomed its newest addition to its already varied selection:

Duoplank Projectplank thermoheated and oiled, now also available in the Triplank rangeTriPlank Oak Mix Thermo-heated & oiled natural (15mm total thickness with a 4mm Solid Oak top layer). The Oak has been exposed to very high temperatures which gives it a natural extremely dark appearance, from dark brown to pitch black.

It is not a stain on top of the surface, the whole 4mm top layer of the TriPlank has this colour.

It is so brand new we have to use an image of the Duoplank Projectplank Thermo heated so show you the effect of heating Oak. Since both floor types have a Solid Oak top layer the effect is the same on the Triplank.

For all specifications and price see our secure webshop, where you can also see all the other varieties in the TriPlank range.

We see the Thermoheated colour options as a perfect alternative for the rather expensive tropical Wenge.

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