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Why Wooden Flooring: improve health immediately

Why Wooden Flooring: modern original herringbones

Modern original herringbones

Wooden flooring is increasingly popular, more and more it replaces carpets as floor covering. At the end of the last century 85% of UK homes had carpet as main floor covering, 15% had other coverings like wood, tiles and lino. The latest reports show wooden flooring has increased to 20% of all floor coverings, be it new installed wooden floors or rediscovered original Design Parquet Floors - herringbone still the most popular pattern.

Manufacturers too take advantage of this increasing trend and with improved technology are now also able to supply you with 'original' herringbone boards in pre-finished wood-engineered form. Complete with Tongue & Grooves for easy installation and no need to sand and fill the blocks afterwards - the most labour intensive part of installing an original Design Parquet floor.

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