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Why Wooden Flooring: robust enough for tenants

Why Wooden Flooring: no need for chemicals

No need for chemicals

Spillages, little accidents are wiped off, cleaned off in no time at all without having to turn to chemicals, calling for a carpet-cleaning company or getting so frustrated with a persistent stain that the only option would be to replace the carpet or place an extra rug on top of it. (And knowing Murphy's Law - those accidents always tend to happen just before you're about to entertain the largest crowd ever in your home.)

Even if a spillage goes unnoticed for some time it is still much easier to remove: most times all it takes is a gentle rub with steel wool 000 and some polish or wax.
(Ask us for our stain removal leaflet to find out how easy it is to remove stains like wine, gum and cigarette burns.)

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