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Why Wooden Flooring: more and more floors from one tree

More and more floors from one tree

More and more manufacturers are producing wood-engineered floors - with a solid wood top layer between 2 - 6mm thick on a cross-layerd backing of softer wood species - instead of the solid 20mm floorboards or wood blocks. Once installed the wood-engineered floor will look exactly the same as a traditional solid floor but has many more benefits.

When you combine this traditional appearance with the modern construction of thick wood-engineered boards - a 6mm Solid Oak top-layer on 15mm water-resistant-plywood (like our Duoplank range) it opens up a whole new world: tradition with ultimate stability, durability with eco-friendliness.

Did you know that 5.5 cubic meter Oak trunks can produce 95 sq m of Solid Oak floorboards 20mm thick and that the same cubic meters will produce an amazing 450 sq m of Solid Oak top-layer of 6mm thick - almost 5 times as much! - or around 750 sq m of standard wood-engineered floors with a top-layer of 3 - 4mm thick. Almost 8 times as much!

The choice between solid or wood-engineered floorboards is an easy one.

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