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Eco Friendly Floor Covering

Wood is not only beautiful varied in all kind of products; as trees - forests - wood is a beautiful natural recreation source. Most importantly is the fact that forests act as a giant carbon sink.

Wood You Like Eco Friendly Natural Wooden Flooring

CO2 and Climate Change
According to the International Panel on Climate Change, the 20th century was the warmest century since records began, with the '90s the warmest decade and every year we're adding 3.3 billion tonnes of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.
The Government is now urgently looking to reduce CO2 emissions without compromising on economical growth. Right now the wood industry has a unique opportunity to take advantage of this commitment.
The timber industry is able to offer positive contribution to the challenge of sustainable development and the reduction of greenhouse gas emission, and is more and more actively engaged with the building industry in putting new, environmentally friendly solutions into practice.

The best way to grow our forests is to use them!
Trees are nature's way of absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and producing the oxygen we breathe. Planting trees can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and using wood products can help slow the growth of Global Warming.
The more wood we use, the more our forests grow: thanks to sustainable forest management more trees are planted than are harvested - every year European forests grow by an area the size of Cyprus!
The more the forests grow, the more carbon dioxide is sucked out of the atmosphere, the more oxygen is produced and the more wood is available to use; the more wood is used, the more trees are planted, the more the forests grow, the more.........

Using wood in place of less environmentally-friendly materials makes sure the carbon sink effect of the forests is put to good use, rather than being lost through natural death and decay (when forests are left to their own devices this will cause CO2 emission from the stored carbon).
Besides that, have you ever calculated the real environmental costs of producing steel, concrete, aluminium or PVC-U (energy used, CO2 produced, water used and toxins released)?

Forests: a great factory and a free leisure resource
Modern forests, skilfully managed, contain trees of different ages, different species alongside the primary production species. Open spaces in the form of rides, firebreaks and streamside reserves are designed into the forest and, as it is thinned, increasing numbers of under-storey species become established.
While producing timber, these man-made forests also produce picnic spots, lakes and nature trails. Thousands of species of birds, animals and plants call them home. Their air is clean and good to breathe.
The public has free access to 94% of forestland in Europe.

Wood You Like Eco Friendly Natural Wooden Flooring Using tropical wood also helps in the fight against tropical deforestation, as long as the wood comes from well-managed sources. However, if there were no markets for wood, forests would be cleared to grow other cash crops. For these societies, often desperate for income, a forest that pays is a forest that stays.

Wood You Like's tropical Duoplank comes from FSC certified forests.

Every time you use wood you are helping to make sure the forests will keep growing. So your children and your children's children will be able to enjoy visiting forests for years and years to come.
(The market for forest products helps finance sustainable forest management.)

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Troy aeby

In our business we get questions daily about "green" products. Your point is well made about how wood, when harvested properly, will better the eco system. Nice article.

Troy Aeby
Duralum Carpets Inc.

Karin H.

Hi Troy

I'm sure you do get those questions too and I hope your American customers realise that "green products" have a long term benefit. Here in the UK the tide seems to be turning in green favour.

Wood You Like Ltd

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