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Why Wooden Flooring: wooden flooring and underfloor heating

Treat your wooden stair to stair treads, stay safe

It is a known fact that wooden features in your home can increase the value of your property.

According to a recent study done by WoodCare, adding wooden features to your home will increase its value 5% - 15%, almost immediately.

“You achieve an instant positive effect by stripping down and exposing the natural character of wooden banisters, re-instating those genuine wooden doors and, particularly, installing real wooden floors (especially in the reception areas)”.

Renovating stairs

Oak stairs expose hidden value of your home

Who knows what hidden treasure you discover when you remove the carpet from your stairs. In older houses it might even show real Oak treads, - like the stair above or perhaps you'll have to do with 'battered' pine treads

Restore your pine stair with sisal stair mats to make it safer

You'll have to decide for yourself if the existing wood is worth renovating, removing carpet grippers and all old layers of paint - or at least as much layers as possible to give you a decent new surface you can repaint again. With Oak, Pine and other wood species you have to decide if you want to keep it 'natural' by applying a natural finish to the bare wood (exposing real wood is really worth considering but might take you a lot of elbow grease).

If a stair runner has been in place for many years you have to be aware of difference in colour of the bare wood, the part which has been underneath the runner will definitely show a different colour/tone of colour than the rest.

Slippery stairs

Stay safe, add sisal or synthetic stair mats to your wooden stair

Although natural wooden features has a tremendous appeal (not only to the value of your home, but also 'design' appeal) don't overlook the safety factor. Not only little children slip from stairs, a tumble can even be more nastier for a grown up.

There is however a very elegant solution to safely expose your wooden stair - and you can even choose a natural solution too: 100% Sisal stair mats (treads).

Wood You Like Sisal stair treads

Half moon shaped Sisal stair mats with self adhesive strips at the back, easy to apply to any stair - even a mdf stair!

Our 100% Sisal stair mats come in two versions: Boucle (3 colours) or Decor (4 colours). And who says all your stair mats have to be of one colour? Why not mix and match?

Mellau Teppich Sisal Decor stair mat in 4 colours

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(100% Sisal Boucle and Decor, and we have two versions of synthetic stair mats too: Mellon and Mellcaro for those homes/offices where there is more 'heavy traffic')

Cheaper by the dozen

No matter which version you select, we have a special offer on 12 steps. 12 mats for the price of 10!

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