Why Wooden Flooring: Rediscovered treasures
Why Wooden Flooring: wood as natural recreation source

Simple flooring with all characteristics real wood has: EcoPlank

Oak flooring comes in many shapes and sizes, from little 'fingers' in mosaic to solid floorboards and everything in between. Depending on your preferences and your situation your options are plentiful.

For rooms/areas where there is low to normal traffic - bedrooms for instance - we can now offer you a simple Oak floor in 5 popular colours and even an unfinished version for you to add your own finish to: the EcoPlank

Oak EcoPlank consists of 1.8mm solid Oak real wood top layer on a 8.5mm HDF backing: stability combined with all the characteristics and benefits wood flooring has, such as one of the most anti-allergic and easy to maintain floor covering. The individual boards - each with its own character - measure: 10 x 186 x 1900mm

 - Oak veneer real wood floor in bedroom: Ecoplank brushed & oiled natural

The 5 available colours (oiled!, so becoming even more beautiful over time) are:

  1. Brushed & Oiled Natural
  2. Brushed & Oiled White
  3. "Siberia" = white washed
  4. "Oeral" = Smoked & Oiled Natural
  5. "Toendra" = Smoked & Oiled White


The unfinished EcoPlank can be given any finish you like, from HardWaxOil in 14 different colours to varnish or lacquer if you would prefer so.

You can browse our secure webshop to see the various pre-finished simple but honest Oak real wood flooring, order online or call us on 01233 - 713725 to discuss your requirements.

Request our Basic Range leaflet (includes full details on the EcoPlank) to read everything on your leisure:


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