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Basic Wood-Engineered Oak 2-strip pre-oiled

Welcome to our new addition of our Basic Wood-Engineered Range: Oak in 3 grades, pre-oiled.

The 2 and 3 strip Wood-Engineered Oak flooring normally comes standard pre-lacquered, we can now offer you the beauty of oiled floors in this range too.

Ecoline Oiled Oak 2-strip, 15 x 139 x 2200mm with standard T&G construction for easy installation in three Oak grades:

  1. Oak Nature 2-strip ecoline oiled Rustic: with knots, sapwood and colour variations between the strips and boards for a lively never boring floor
  2. Nature: with sapwood and firm knots for a more 'sedated' appearance
  3. Select: without sapwood but with small knots for that particular minimalistic look you might be after to complete the rest of your design

All three grades are packed per 3.06 sq m. 

Oak 2-strip Select Ecoline Oiled

Did you know that oiled floors when regular maintained (which is quite easy to do) become more beautiful over time?

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