Why Wooden Flooring: ease the life of the "grey-generation"
Why not to use DPM over existing floorboards.

Why Wooden Flooring: FSC certification is a long term commitment for companies

FSC certification is a long term commitment for companies


FSC and creating sustainable forests is on ongoing business. Life is "give and take". This rule applies more than ever in the 30,000 hectare FSC forest owned and managed by Inpa in Bolivia.

"Put everything back into the forest what you have taken out. Call upon the services of the local inhabitants, but give them their due. Show respect for all forms of life in and around the forest."

This is the philosophy which J. Roosenboom, founder of the Dutch company, believed in 20 years ago and implemented his philosophy with reforestation projects in Paraguay.

In 2001 the company bought its own forest in Bolivia, South America. Sustainable management of the forest by the company is also the key to long-term operational management - in and around the forest. A fully self-supporting micro-economy has been created: the forest has its own road infrastructure, its own water and energy suppliers, not only benefiting the company and the forest but also the local residents, who are closely involved in the project.

Managing a forest of 30,000 hectare is no sinecure. The surface area is roughly the same amount as 60,000 football pitches.

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