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Damage 'control'

Accidents and incidents happen to the best of us. Spilling food, drinks on the floor - especially during parties - is nothing out of the ordinary.

Stains however are a completely different matter - especially when you notice the stain the morning after a really good party. Can the carpet stained in red wine or worse curry be saved? Even with a chemical cleaning product - applied by a professional - removing it as if the carpet is still brand new is not guaranteed.

Wooden flooring come complete with a dirt and stain repellent character. A slightly damp cloth followed with some maintenance product applied takes away the stain for good. 5 - 10 minutes work.
And even in the event the stain has gone unnoticed for weeks and the floor needs a light sanding (rubbing with Steel wool 000 mostly does the trick) and the application of a maintenance product - it still keeps its unspoiled appearance and elegance.

The very same applies to heavier damage of your floor covering. A rip in the carpet - double sided tape might keep it down for a bit longer.
A scratch in a wooden floor adds character, shows your home is truly lived in. And otherwise a light sanding and re-applying a coat of finish (like oil) will restore the wooden floor without it losing any of its value or elegance.

Imagine putting your house up for sale: can you clean the carpet stains and repair damages well enough so buyers won't notice? Or do you need to 'splatter' little rugs around to hide them? Wooden floors will show off their value and elegance 'naked'.

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