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"If it's good enough for Kings and Queens, is it good enough for you?"

Design Parquet: engineering one of the most stable solid floors

A bit of history about sizes and methods.


Still one of the most admired types of wood flooring is the "Design Parquet", available in many patterns. From single of double herringbone, two or three strips basket weave to the most elaborate "Versailles" tiles. A feature in many restored castles, old manor houses and nowadays more and more to be found in modern homes.

There are various types of blocks used for Design Parquet. In older, and still some times in modern, days the wood blocks originally used (produced) in the UK were around 20mm thick and came with Tongue & Grooves. These blocks were installed on a thick bed of bitumen where the T&G's kept the pattern together (and when now the old bitumen becomes brittle these same &T&G's makes it rather difficult to only lift up loose blocks without loosening neighbouring blocks).

If you look at main land Europe, a completely different size and method has been used for ages and is still in practice - because of the stability such a floor is able to provide, the simplicity of the method and the "ease" - with professional tools and some experience - of installing any pattern.

"Tapis" floors - carpet thickness, two historical view-points

It was quite common in manor houses to show off your richness. Not by changing the whole decorative style of the "reception rooms" but by changing the oriental rugs (tapis - tapijt) in these rooms when seasons changed....... Read more and see how to create a stable solid floor

Design Parquet built up with mosaic

Fit for a King, fit for you!
In our online brochures you can view a very wide range in Design Parquet patterns, available in a wide range of wood species and Oak grades to select your own "fit for a King" solid floor.

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