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"Floored by poor service" - we wonder why.

Times Troubleshooter (09.05.09 - third story) tells the following story:

In November we bought a Liberty Oak wooden floor from Allied Carpets for £630 for our children’s playroom. I contacted Allied in February because the floor was worn under my children’s computer chair. My children, aged 8 and 10, weigh 4st 8Ib and 5st respectively and should not be able to wear out in eight weeks a floor with a 25-year guarantee. Allied refused to help because the chair caused the damage. I do not believe that the floor is fit for purpose. Allied should have made it known at point of sale that it was unsuitable for homes with portable furniture.

Wasntme After Troubleshooter intervened the big retailer grudgingly promised to replace the floor. The Chief Executive of Allied Carpets blamed the new supplier (Balterio) for not including after-care guidance to its products.

A quick search this morning on Balterio's (Belgium company) website (in English) revealed adequate maintenance and after-care information - including advice on chairs with wheels.

Even if Balterio hadn't included a leaflet to the product supplied to Allied Carpets, how about some initiative to give every single one of your clients a standard leaflet on the after-care on any type of floor-covering you sell?

We do, no matter if the floor comes with its own leaflet. Our clients are our clients, not really the clients of the manufacturer. Therefore we take care of the after-care - that is, in our honest opinion, our responsibility.

You can receive our maintenance leaflet too (including tips on stain removal) by popping in your name and email address in the form below. If your big retailer doesn't want to take their responsibility on after-care for the products they sell, feel free to borrow ours - we're proud to be a small and independent retailer who take customer care very seriously.

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