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Why Wooden Flooring: FSC and PEFC certification supports local communities

FSC and PEFC certification supports local communities

One of the demands from the FSC and PEFC organisation is not just to sustain the forest, but also the local communities in or around these forests. Duoplank manufacturer Inpa does just that:

"We support the Indian community, named Cururu, of thirty families intensely. For instance, we teach them how to use machinery and felling of trees. Based on a sustainable method of course, in order for them to create an income from the forest without destroying it. The wood they sell from it is sub-tropical and can be used for furniture and flooring. The standard FSC-regulations are for this project adjusted on one point: the Indians are still allowed to hunt in the forest."

Inpa Parket joint FSC-The Netherlands in 1998 and has been active in Bolivia for longer.

"It has always been our desire to do something more for the local community. When we were offered a PSOM-subsidy for investments in developing countries we decided to start this project."

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