Why Wooden Flooring: - easy to DIY = more savings and still increased value
Why Wooden Flooring: FSC and PEFC certification supports local communities

Why Wooden Flooring: Clean is Clean

Everyone likes to spend most of their free time on activities they love: spending time with family, sport or hobby activities and socialising. Homework rates very low on the scale of favourite past-times. But home work still needs to be done, and everything that can make this worker lighter will contribute to your happiness.

SweepingfloorReason 28 - clean is clean

Wooden flooring belongs to the 'hard' floor coverings, no dust or dirt will penetrate the surface.

  A soft broom is all it takes for normal day to day care - easier done than dragging your (sometimes smelling of dust) vacuum cleaner out of the cupboard. And: clean is clean - no hidden dust or dirt like you can have with carpets.

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