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Don't use cork strips to fill your expansion gaps!

Some issues keep recurring: cork strips among them.

A few days ago we received the following email:

"I realise the importance of leaving an expansion gap around a wooden floor (oak parquet in my case) but can you tell me why we are told to insert cork strips around the edge? Surely the cork is only taking up valuable expansion room. Is it ok to  just leave a 10mm gap all around?"

This was our (recurring) answer on this subject:.... Read more

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Gordon Eames

Should i leave a gap along the fireplace stone harth wont this look odd ? or will this one section not realy affect the expansion process.
Also Im torn between startng at the harth as this would be a focal point or what would effectively the middle of the room as room is uneven all round,O im fitting click system

Karin H.

Hi Gordon

Thank you for your email.You'll have to keep expansion gaps all around the perimeter of the floor, including along the fireplace.
Various solutions to cover this gap there: either flat beading or an End-threshold (depending on the height of the wooden floor). See here for details and images

Starting in front of the fireplace is a very good idea, you'll have a full width boards there then, always looks better.

Hope this helps

Kind Regards
Wood You Like Ltd

Claire Greenway


How would you recommend 'filling' the expansion gap around the perimeter of a room laid with engineered board where there is NO skirting present (and lots of angles and curves and wobbles to the wall. Old tudor house, skirting not present or appropriate for the style of house). At present plastered down to concrete floor.

Do any kind of flexible cork-type/neoprene(?) strips exist? (I've read your info re: 'do not use cork strips' relevent to skirting boarded houses).
And Scotia's out as it would look naff.

The floor may be floating or glued down - we get differing advice from different fitters.

Thanks for your time, Claire

Karin H.

Hi Claire

Thank you for your question. Never fill your expansion gap, it's there really for the best of reasons. I can understand the aesthetic aspects you're experiencing, but using cork in the gaps will render them useless at once.
Instead of scotias, have you considered using flat beading

Hope this helps

Kind Regards
Wood You Like Ltd

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