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Wood You Like Design Parquet on-line

'Old-fashion' Design Patterns are the new look. More and more property owners re-discover a treasure underneath layers of carpet or vinyl (and in some cases even underneath Melamine Laminated 'plastic' floorboards!). From 5-finger mosaic, herringbone and basket-weave patterns to Versailles type elaborate designs - all priceless floorcoverings.

Oak Basket weave in modern bungalow

But it is not just in homes built in the 50's or 60's - modern homes are now also being 'dressed-up' (and "up-valued") with new wood blocks in herringbone, mosaic, basket-weave or design tiles in Oak (or dark Tropical wood-species).

In Wood You Like's Full Colour Online Brochure you can browse 30 specific designs, laser-cut by our Dutch Design Parquet manufacturer for precision, to turn your home into a 'castle' or manor house.

Hackfort Design Parquet Design in Oak from one of Wood You Like's clients

Or just to benefit from the easy maintenance, anti-allergic and value adding benefits wooden flooring gives any home.
All patterns can be ordered in many wood-types; the Oak used by our Dutch manufacturer is certified coming from PEFC sources.

More information on how to calculate the square meters needed in patterns and wood-blocks and how to order your own unique value adding modern design floor covering is all explained on our Full Colour Online Brochures

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