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Scarving Xperience - wood with an authentic twist

Scaring Xperience, developed by Inpa and H&W Finishing, is new technique to give unfinished wooden floorboards a truly unique character.

You've experienced the 'trendy' look of aged and destressed ranges - most times available only in Oak, in specific floor types and standard pre-defined colour oils. Although plentiful, no choices beside that: what you see is what you get.

The 5 options of the Scarving Xperience changes all this:

Unique hand-scraped or aged in an controlled process can be added to any unfinished floorboards available from our Duoplank and Solid floors manufacturer Inpa.

Scarving1 Scarving2 Scarving3 Scarving4 Scarving5

Then you tell us what finish you want and the floorboards will be factory finished to the highest standard: giving you your own truly unique natural wooden floor.

The range we carry from this manufacturer contains Oak and many (from their own FSC certified forest) tropical species in various widths.
Choose a solid board, or the well-known Duoplank or the wood-engineered basic range.

Scarving Xperience: almost unlimited options in high quality!

Ask for more details by phone (01233 - 713725), email or drop by in our showroom in the lovely village of Charing.

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